Next version of Halo SPV3 will support Ray Tracing for Screen Space Reflections, first screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "The team behind the SPV3 total overhaul mod for Halo: Combat Evolved has announced that its next version will support Ray Tracing for Screen Space Reflections."

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rlow1296d ago

For an old game.....looks great. Nice job

296d ago
spicelicka296d ago

This mod is brilliant. Replaying and old game with new graphics and additional missions/explorable spaces/enemies/weapons is so refreshing.

ReadyPlayer22296d ago

Glad 343 and MS is letting them do their thing with this when so many others would shut it down. The mod is a lot of fun to explore through.


Most pc games don't have problems with modding. Game companies used to give out th sdk for modders to use. Microsoft have been one of the companies against modding pc games in the past.(along with the other companies that push dlc hard)

ReadyPlayer22296d ago

Oh yeah, I stand corrected. I thought there was one instance where they were allowed as long as they didn't try to profit from it.

296d ago