ps3fanboy: Gene Simmons AXE Game Controller available now

Whether you consider him a marketing genius or just a sellout, Gene Simmons has managed to slap the logo of his band KISS onto everything from lip balm to a singing toothbrush. Now he's after your money, music game fans. Mr. Simmons also appears to be specifically targeting Sony fans, as the Gene Simmons AXE Game Controller is available exclusively (for now -- the Wii version will be released next year while the Xbox 360 version's release date is TBA) for the PS2 or PS3. The wireless controller is a 3/4 size replica of the original Gene Simmons Axe Guitar and it will work with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero via an included dongle. Place you order here now for $79.99.

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DolphGB5317d ago

We reported this weeks ago -

And it has since been covered three times in the last four days at N4G.

Why are these duplicates being cleared?