Sony Is Still Giving The PS Vita Updates For Some Reason

Sony made it very clear that the PS Vita was dead to them this year by ending production back in March. But oddly, they're still updating it.

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UnSelf1503d ago

The PS5 is going to be able to assimilate the handheld into its larger mass before spitting out a new handheld - The Playstation Opus

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Godmars2901502d ago

Its suppose to still be popular in Japan. May have enough momentum in Asia, including China, to warrant them to stay in handhelds. Offer another one.

himdeel1503d ago

I don't understand the updates. Has to due with some fear that piracy will give access to something vital in the back end user information or free games somehow.

spicelicka1503d ago

Probably just want to prevent jailbreaks

stefd751503d ago

Yer that wont stop them

rainslacker1503d ago

Just because they arent allowing new game compliance doesnt mean they are going to stop updating the system.

Really nothing out of the ordinary, but I'd say it's probably to prevent piracy. They still have an obligation to the publishers selling games on the system to try and prevent it.

Teflon021502d ago

devs would probably start pulling games from the store if they just let the thing get freely hacked etc. So they probably will do so until around PS5's release. Digital games I'm sure can still get releases if they wanted as Trails in the Sky 2nd chapter released like 3 years into vita and the only reason they didn't release final chapter the next year was because the psp version wouldn't have made sense so late when they're releasing Cold steel and cold steel 2 on vita while the older psp game will release at like 30 to 40 which was around the same price. On Steam it made more sense as it's one big platform on the same playing field

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rob-GP1503d ago

It's not really for 'some reason' - I imagine it's to try and stop those who constantly exploit it to play illegal downloads of games for free and sync their trophies/play online.

Christopher1503d ago

Because it works with remote play. Update on PS4 for remote play gets an update on Vita typically.

sampsonon1503d ago

the reason is they are supporting it because people payed they hard earned money on the thing.
it should be looked at as a good thing.

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