Final Fantasy Scenarist Kazushige Nojima Shares Thoughts On a Possible New FFVIII Game

Kazushige Nojima revealed the Laguna parts were initially half of Final Fantasy VIII, wishes to make a new game focusing on Laguna.

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FallenAngel1984541d ago

How about sharing some thoughts on FFXVI?

leahcim541d ago

do not worry FFXVI will be a PS5 launch tittle
one can dream...

-Foxtrot541d ago

If they go off the Rinoa is Ultimecia theory then that opens up a lot of story possibilities

How can you stop a future that’s already happened? The first game went off time travel so the sequel could use the multiverse theory.

CrimsonWing69541d ago

Man, I really would like a remake of FF VIII, I was playing the Remaster last weekend and got to the part where the Gardens go to war and that has to be one of the best moments in any FF game. Also Esthar remade with next gen graphics would be incredible. I guess I'd take a sequel as well... but I'm kind of an old school FF dude where each entry was a self-contained story and world... not a huge fan on the sequels, but I'm willing to be open-minded. It's just their track record with sequels isn't really hot.

NnOric541d ago

I mean I really like Laguna, but I feel like they should just flesh out the main cast of the game befor thinking about secondary characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.