Censorship & Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Is Censorship a good thing in Videogames? CoG takes a look at Fire Emblem Awakening and Tokyo Mirage Sessions as two examples.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro403d ago

Censorship isn't a good thing in anything.

meka2611402d ago

Was going to say the same thing. Censorship is never good no matter what the medium is.

Yi-Long403d ago

The censorship is completely unnecessary, and it automatically kills any interest I might have for a game.

Also, the huge difference between what's acceptable of violence, and what's acceptable of showing some skin, is beyond ridiculous. It seems fine to show a detailed impact of a shotgun shell exploding in someone's face, but gawd forbid the victim is wearing a short skirt and showing some slight cleavage while her head is blown to bloody pieces ... ... (!)

rainslacker402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

I think what bugs me most is the fact that the censorship goes against what the primary target audience for these games wants or expects. I mean, if you're buying niche japanese games that sell 100-250k copies each, chances are, you're really into anime or at least games which fall into the otaku realm. Those people usually prefer to keep things as authentic as possible to the original, and have been staring as such for around 40 years now. I remember when this debate raged on back when I was a kid, and anime was still considered cartoons for kids...or at least looked at but outsiders as such. I also remember fondly the criticism working designs used to get for their alterations to gaming.

I could understand wanting to cover up some outright nudity, which does sometimes crop sailor moon. That's more trying to keep a rating in tact. But for the games they're censoring, fan service is often part of the design, and it's something that the target audience expects. The people that would fuss about those things being included were never going to buy the game, and still arent because they cleaned up the content. The vast majority of the censoring being done doesnt even involve nudity or sexual acts in the original content.

AK91402d ago

Jesus if Ninty is going the censorship route then console gaming is screwed.