How 'Fire Emblem Awakening' Saved the Franchise Ten Years Ago

The name Awakening ended up being a better description than anyone realized it would be.

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onisama124d ago

yeah awakening was my first Fire emblem and turned me to a big fan

Rebel_Scum123d ago

Same here but not just for Fire Emblem. It reminded me of a genre I hadnt played since Shining Force on the megadrive that I had forgotten I liked.

GoodGuy09123d ago

Waifus and husbandos basically. I remember people just talking about all the shipping combinations you can do lol. Story was nice as well. Gameplay was a nice update and they made it much more easy and added a no perma death option which were reasons why many didn't like the old fe games.

I wish Nintendo could revive other old and dead ips as well some day.

Sirk7x123d ago

Also didn't hurt that Awakening was hands down one of the best games on 3DS.

TheColbertinator122d ago

Thought Fire Emblem was over then and there. Nintendo has shelved many of their classic franchises but a few key people at Nintendo gave Awakening the green light.