The Evolution of Nintendo Handheld Consoles

Take in the history of one of the world's biggest gaming brands as we recount the evolution of Nintendo!

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FallenAngel1984650d ago

Talks about history of Nintendo handhelds
Doesn’t mention the Game & Watch

DwightSchrute01650d ago

Lol at having the switch as a handheld.
Must've meant the switch lite.

septemberindecember650d ago

"When it came to the graphics of the Nintendo DS, audiences were shocked at the lack of amendments made to the newer console. It featured the exact same graphics of GameBoy Advance SP, which Nintendo viewed as being of a superior quality, and saw no need to update them."

Im sorry, you think that the DS had the same graphical capability as the GBA? Not even close. Look at the highest quality 3D game the GBA was capable of running, them look at something like Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario Kart or Dementium. No way could the GBA be capable of any of those games. It's not even a comparison. It's like saying the Saturn didn't have better graphics than the SNES

InKnight7s650d ago

Well comparing to PSP, DS doesn't stood up at all, comparing Kingdom Hearts BBS to KH 358/2 it just like comparing Ps1 and PS2.

It is enough said that DS is the weakest 3D platform ever.

septemberindecember649d ago (Edited 649d ago )


Yeah, the PSP was more powerful than the DS. Nobody is disputing that. What I'm disputing is the author of the article claiming that the DS isn't more powerful than the GameBoy Advanced. Because that is just ridiculous.

Also, there are several other 3D platforms that are weaker than the DS. There is the 32X expansion, the Atari Jaguar, 3DO, etc objectively, and it essentially matches the capabilities of a PS1; albeit at a lower resolution. Though with that it does things the PS1 couldn't like perspective correct texture mapping.