Looking back to 2009 and the metal mayhem of Brütal Legend

Jahanzeb writes: "Sometimes a video game has all the right ingredients but simply belongs to the wrong genre, and such was the case with Brütal Legend, a game which was almost the perfect action adventure title had it not resorted to pad out its design in the most counter-intuitive way possible."

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gamer78041324d ago

Totally underrated game, glad it’s backwards compatible

Minute Man 7211323d ago

I have this for ps3. Never got around to playing it

Gaming4Life19811323d ago

The game was good but the soundtrack was amazing, everytime rock of ages came on I found myself joy riding lol.

SkatterBrain1323d ago

i was gonna buy this but i heard half way through the game the gameplay changes into something kinda boring think i heard someone say an rts in a forum

NSANiTY1323d ago

This was a great game. I'll have to hunt down my copy again. I remember getting stuck on that battle mini game somewhere toward the end of the game, haha. Ended up getting a new game around that time and never went back to finish it.