Fallout from #BoycottBlizzard, game companies warn pro players/staff to keep politics private

Last night, League of Legends developer Riot, which is owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent, issued a statement revealing it had "reminded" its casters and professional players "to refrain from discussing any of these topics on air".

Meanwhile, the CEO of world's largest esports firm, ESL has warned staff not to discuss the Hong Kong protests on its social platforms.

In contrast to Riot and ESL, Fortnite maker Epic Games, which is part-owned by Tencent, said its players are free to express their views.

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rlow1465d ago

When you jump in bed with the devil, you shouldn't be surprised......our greedy American Companies.

CyberSentinel464d ago

Speaking of greedy Americans companies,
What does Nike have to say about HK?
I thought they wanted to be socially active with their #StandForSimething campaign?

Come on, fair weather activists, speak up!



Ddog45464d ago

Amen. Also it doesn't help their liberal agenda so they don't care.

amagulick463d ago

"Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything" That was their slogan for the Colin Kaepernick stuff.

XiNatsuDragnel464d ago

Oof this dumpster fire just keep burning high and far lol

TK-66464d ago

Uh oh. Support free speech for Pro-gamers or keep politics out of gaeming?


bluefox755464d ago

This is the exact opposite of keeping politics out of gaming, they're injecting their pro-China politics on a corporate level. They don't want to take politics out of gaming, only ones they don't like.

TK-66464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Well this issue came about after a competitor got political. So in this instance its absolutely fair to say he was the one who brought politics into gaming (even though I completely agree with his position).

I'm simply pointing out the "keep politics out of gaming" crowd is suspiciously silent when the politics align with their own. It's better to not be a hypocrite.

rainslacker464d ago

Nowadays, the politics in gaming is more about representation, or casting shame on gamers because they are tired of hearing how we suck because we don't want to keep having these SJW things keep getting thrown in as a way to look like they care about something.

That kind of politics is affecting the products we like in a way that we feel is negative in some way.

One can be about that kind of thing, and not want to have that kind of politics injected into a product we're buying, and still be willing to have the politics of something much more important like what's going on in Hong Kong be discussed on a public level. In this case, the politics isn't being injected into the product, just a platform to view those who play it professionally, and in a way that I don't consider to be extraordinarily callous or annoying, but rather informative.

Ddog45464d ago

I think part of it is because any politics in games these days is always 1 sided also even if you keep politics out of stuff there can be exceptions like a guy calling out to help his people against a communist government.

xTonyMontana464d ago

Well congratulations Blizzard, they've made a mountain out of a molehill. This shouldn't even be a thing or need to be said but they handled the situation with as much tact as the Chinese government.

rainslacker464d ago

Yeah, this whole thing would have gone under the radar, and no one would be talking about it if they just went about their business instead of taking action against the guy. How many more people now know about this whole Hong Kong protest because of what happened, and compare it to how many would know if there was no reaction to the statement.

bluefox755464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

"...unless it's the politics we like."
Let's be honest, no one is getting censored for doing feminist or LGBT activism, so let's not pretend it's "politics", it's kissing China's ass for that sweet, sweet China money. I really hope gamers keep this issue alive, because the mainstream media are largely ignoring it, because they are also pro-China.

rainslacker464d ago

Next time one of these companies tries to bring some SJW politics into gaming, be sure to link them this.

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