Lich King Xpac Hinted at Amid Frosty PR for Blizzard

After the disastrous PR nightmare that came after Blizzard banned Hearthstone player blitzchung for supporting the Hong Kong protests, WoW's PTR has updated with content fans have been demanding for months.

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NiteX744d ago

Trying to win users back with some good ol' LK eh? I wonder if it will work? I do have some very fond memories of WotLK.

xTonyMontana744d ago

No matter what Blizzard have in store, it's going to be overshadowed by the controversy. Their actions and their pro China tweet go beyond just regular controversy, even beyond their out of season April Fools jokes. Still, the drama at Blizzcon should be entertaining at least.

CobraKai744d ago

Such a weird article. Starts with talking about the player being banned for supporting the protests then turns left and talks about the possibility of a Lich King expansion. No connection whatsoever. And I’m still not clear as to the role DX member X-pac has.

Kaii744d ago

Can we not paint developers with the same brush as executive assholes, I stand with Hong Kong, but when you get nothing from Blizz and you've got wow ptr updates behind the scenes It's not them pushing quick throw smoke clouds, that won't work on this controversy.

Stepping outside the controversy, I've not played bfa since launch, I'm not committed to spending sub fee to grind out brick walls to unlock new races, this new direction of drip-feeding content can gtfo.
You can have 1 piece of gear and it'll have 6 difficulty versions of that exact piece, ONTOP of that rng titanforged 15+ ilvls.

Stepping into the controversy, this silence will do them no good, this will not just "die down" like the mobile outrage, this is human rights & as a company regardless of the platform they attempted to silence one individual & look at the explosion of justified rage, nearing 2020 and we as a planet can't combat global warming + humanitarian issues & poverty.

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