Sony's latest PS5 details: the Digital Foundry analysis

Digital Foundry presents an updated analysis of Sony's latest PS5 reveal.

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alb189912d ago

Iike a technology from stranger things.

Genkins12d ago

DF - "yes, the PlayStation 5 development kit does look like this."

interesting. would you assume this to be close to final concept with the console launching next year?

Tech512d ago

@ genkins
given the fact that the next PS console will be called PSV.
i'd say highly probable the concept is close to final.

RizBiz12d ago

@Tech5 Oh wow, I never realised that. I guess naming their second handheld the Vita wasn't such a great idea after all.

BLizardXD11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@ tech
insane if this turns out to be correct.
this very dev kit was taken with a huge grain of salt, now it turns out to be correct.
only time will tell for the actual console.

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darthv7212d ago

I'm curious what building was the inspiration for this? Sony has a way of designing their consoles after architectural designs but then again this is just the dev kit.

sushimama12d ago

For a DEV-KIT, yeah it looks ok

CyrusLemont12d ago

Can’t wait to see the games, they’re going to look and be so freaking good. Thinking about Rocksteady, Guerilla, Rockstar and Bethesda. All devs who will show larger gorgeous seamless worlds and are likely holding out for PS5/Scarlett.

shaggy230312d ago


I can understand the other devs, but Bethesda?

ChristopherJack12d ago

The guys behind Skyrim & FO4? Sure. Can't wait to play their next proper games.

shaggy230312d ago (Edited 12d ago )

This also the team behind Fallout 76, remember that game?

This is also the team that has been told on numerous occasions "stop using your engine, its s**t" and yet they keep on using it.

This is the engine that ties physics to frame rate. So on PC if you look down you could run much much faster. You know how Bethesda fixed it, capped the frame rate.

Bethesda are a garbage developer that needs major overhaul.

Sm00thNinja12d ago

Bad mouth Bethesda all you want. Bet money you'll purchase the next Elder Scrolls

shaggy230312d ago (Edited 12d ago )


How are you able to defend them?

This is the developer that releases games in a virtually unplayable state.

And no, I wont be buying any of their games until they drop their crap engine.

thatguyhayat12d ago


Were you at their by any chance cheering randomly?

KillBill12d ago

They also did Rage, Dishonored, Doom, Prey, and the coming games of GhostWire: Tokyo, The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield... has many people on the edge of their seats.

gangsta_red12d ago

Not to mention Starfield which I am very curious and excited about

Dragonscale12d ago

@killbill, Bethesda game studios make the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. ID made Doom, Arcane made Dishonored and Prey. Bethesda publishers are separate from Bethesda game studios.

Edgelordsupreme12d ago

It was the Austin studio that put out 76, not the main studio. You should probably know that, if you want to dog pile on 76 more than it already has been, at least know what you're talking about. Was Fallout 76 a mess absolutely! Does the entirety of Bethesda deserve to be thrown under the bus because of it? No, that's ridiculous and the key thing to remember here is that no one makes games like the Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

Profchaos12d ago

Yeah it'll be great we will finally get a fallout title that looks like it belongs on ps4. /S

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CP_Company12d ago

guys behind 76? sure, can't wait :D

oh wait, 76 is biggest meme in gaming history.

Skyrim? Blades says Hi for you :D
and we have wolfenstein, rage on our hands too :D

Vegamyster12d ago

They have more than one dev making games, Blades is the only game you listed that was made by the main studio and I doubt they had a ton of staff working on it when they have there new up in the works plus TES6.

Larrysweet12d ago

Skyrim was outdated when it launched fallout 4 all home on last gen...bethesda lazy buggy crap devs

Profchaos12d ago

76 is the most fun I've had with a game I never played.

Until the trial came along and I dipped my toe in as a platinum trophy holder of fallout 4 I'm no stranger to wandering the wasteland with no real direction.

But this was so boring I couldn't play it longer than 2 hours even people in my household that don't game walked in and said what is that crap you're playing it looks boring

george95712d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Naughty Dog Santa monica too... Cant wait to see what The Last of Us 2 will look like.

Prince-Ali12d ago

BETHESDA!?!?!?! loooooooooooooooooool

MADGameR12d ago

IF the development cost is more than what it was on the current consoles for the next gen consoles, what's the point in making it for the new X Box? It won't sell on the X Box.

Larrysweet12d ago

Gamepass obv xbox aimt bought sells anymore

Larrysweet12d ago

Take bethesda out of that what? Bethesda worlds look like ps3 games today

oakshin12d ago

You said Bethesda but you really meant was obsidian but sadly they will never see a ps5 Dev kit

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343_Guilty_Spark12d ago

There is very little meat to this story and is mostly a lot of what gamers already know. The most meaningful item here are images of the Dev kit which are interesting. We also know a new controller is coming.

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