3 Ways That the PS5's Controller Can Be a Game Changer

The PS5 has been officially announced and there are some amazing new features coming to the PS5 controller, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

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sampsonon11d ago

Sony makes one controller that is better than them all. all the iterations other companies use to sell controllers while neglecting content is all pushed to the side by one.
now back to making great content sony.


IRetrouk11d ago

Well the way it's been described in that hands on article makes it seem like a real step up from the pads we are used to, cant wait, more for the adaptive triggers than the rumble, even though that sounds like a step up too.

gazgriff2k1211d ago

it needs to break apart like the switch controller so we already have the best vr motion controls out of the box

Mefdar11d ago

On the contrary it's shaping to be really bad. I just hope there's third party alternative s at launch.

Nitrox11d ago

Care to expand on what sounds so horrible to you?