Are There Too Many Damn Streaming Services

Lots of game streaming services are flooding the market. Are all of them worth people's money? Or should folks be more wary with their dollars?

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gangsta_red12d ago

Lol @ Atari VCS in the pic, if you really think anything on that system will last past a couple of months then I also have a streaming service you can subscribe to.

rob-GP11d ago

Have you looked into what the VCS is? It's a Ryzen APU system with dual boot - one side is the custom firmware and OS with the atari based games and a few retro subscriptions, the alt boot mode is either Windows or Linux which essentially runs like a mini-pc.

As long as the specs are as they described the other day, it'll be a decent mini system for retro and some modern indie games. however, it's a bit expensive atm.

gangsta_red11d ago

It may be a decent mini system with all the tech inside but I doubt it's going to get the support they're claiming. I've seen many patents to keep the Atari (or something similar) brand alive and it's always some project that comes and goes.

KeenBean34511d ago

After hearing about Atari's finances, the state of their prototype motherboard as well as numerous other things like the head of the project leaving, I doubt this will ever release. Same with the Amico but that at least gets some concrete updates on its development

PhoenixUp12d ago

There’s plenty of video and music streaming services, don’t see why numerous game streaming services would be a problem

TeamIcoFan11d ago

It's what led to the video game crash of 1983.

gangsta_red11d ago

Over saturation of horrible games led to the crash not to mention people lost interest in the consoles available at that time.

I seriously don't see that happening anytime soon.

TeamIcoFan11d ago

@gangsta_red Just replace "consoles" with "streaming services" and it's pretty much the same potential situation. The companies that own these services will crank out a shit ton of mediocre games in an effort to one up each other when it comes to marketing. Example : "Google Stadia has over 1500 games available for only $9.99 a month!" followed by EA going "We've got over 3000 games for just $12.99 a month!"

CaptainTravel11d ago

If there is a crash it will not be because of streaming, it will be because development costs and the marketing to put out AAA games with little to no innovation.

What I do think we will end up with are variable models where users need multiple subscriptions which the consumer will not like. That's because third party do not want to put out their new titles and if they do they will likely create their own service like Ubisoft has.

Imortus_san10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Zx Spectrum and Commodore 64 both are over 10.000 software games / programs and are from 1982, plus another shit ton of computers also found sucess at that time, and around 1982~1985 you had more then 30 micro computers and consoles at the market at the same time, at this time you got Mobile, Nintendo, PC, Playstation, Xbox.

gangsta_red10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@team ico

I don't believe that companies are going to start churning out mediocre games just because they're on a streaming service. If we look at television streaming services the quality of their shows have only gone up.

I do think that, like with anything popular, there's going to be a huge surge before certain ones start dropping off due to customers choosing one over the other.

Like many have said, there's going to be too many subscription services on a few years. The ones that don't put out quality content will be the first to go.

Yes, part of the reason the crash happened was because of affordable personal computers that became way more popular than consoles at that time.

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talllpine11d ago

Could turn into a mess. Have to have multiple subscriptions to play all your favorite games. Like having subscriptions to netflix, hulu, amazon, hbo, etc... to get your favorite shows, video games could go that way one day. Or cable offering packages that split and add channels strategically so they get the most money. That's at least what I'm worried about.

blackblades11d ago

Already paying for a online subscription not paying for another gaming subscription. I can't even bring myself to get another Netflix subscription.

PhoenixUp11d ago

@ Team

As I’ve said earlier there’s already an abundance of streaming services for other mediums yet you don’t see a crash there.

Why would that suddenly be hazardous for the gaming industry when it isn’t for other industries?

gangsta_red10d ago

Agreed. Ive also seen the notion that the quality of games will suddenly go down.

Even though as of now there's a lot more options to purchase games than just streaming.

Why would the quality all of a sudden go down?

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Apocalypse Shadow12d ago

Too many after the first one. None of them are the same as native. And the extra cost is not worth it.

I was playing Spider-Man PS4 last night through Remote Play to my Android phone to see how the update was. Maybe it's my phone even though it's one of the latest, maybe it's my internet even though I pay for the best with Cox Cable, maybe it's a terrible Android App. Who knows.

But I was 3-4 feet away from the router and the delay was terrible. One second was enough to throw me off just web slinging. And, the quality would drop down to the old VCD video or worse. That grainy, pixilated mess. Remember that? And, I couldn't connect my controller because the app said it wasn't compatible. But the the DS4 works for other apps I use besides my T3 wireless Bluetooth controller .

Now, not all streaming services will be exactly like this. But companies are asking me to pay for a degraded experience based off of the internet? Hell no.

Strangely, a long time ago, I think I downloaded a version of the PlayStation App from Android Central because the app only worked with Sony phones. And it worked better and was great. I was on the other side of the house with the DS4 running on a Nexus 7 2013 tablet. Same setup. Same router. So I'm not sure what going on.

But game streaming services? Nice idea but you can have it. I'll stick with native for awhile. I doubt any streaming service can account for the delay.

IanMcgraw11d ago

Looks like a problem on your end. The app works fine for a lot of people.

SegaGamer11d ago

It's not a problem on their end, this is just how streaming services work with gaming. There will always be delay, no matter how good your internet is.

opc11d ago

I don't know man I'm playing God of war on PS Now on my PC with a Steam Controller using gyro and touchpads and it's pretty slick.

Cobra95111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It's not the router. The hops to and from the server through your ISP are to blame. Your game inputs have to travel to the server, get processed, and then video reflecting the result of your inputs needs to get streamed back to you. So it's a round trip every time you do something with your controller. Unless the server is close to you physically, and your ISP and the services it relies on are well optimized, you will get appreciable lag. It's inevitable; and the more "twitch" a game is, the more noticeable the lag will be.

Apocalypse Shadow11d ago

The last time I played with that hacked app was 1886 and a cool Indie game called Xeodrifter. A Metroid like game.

I will say that my Linksys router is different than my Netgear that I used a long time ago. And my phone is an LG and not that Nexus tablet. But that close, it was amazing how much lag there was.

I'll give it a go as Remote Play is all I would do for streaming. Won't be paying for any streaming services.

Knightofelemia11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The numbers are just going to go up from here everybody and their cat will have a streaming service soon a enough

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