Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is An Infuriating Mess | Kotaku

Kotaku: "I have never played a game as inconsistent as Ghost Recon Breakpoint. In its finest moments, when the stars align, it delivers stealth action on par with the best in the genre. When it falls apart, as it usually does, a tangled weave of glitches and half-baked systems reveal a game compromised by bland AAA design sensibilities and a ceaseless desire to churn out content at a breakneck pace."

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ndonnine12d ago

I've never seen a site as inconsistent and shitty as kotaku.***

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CrimsonWing6912d ago (Edited 12d ago )

So is your site and the stories you post on it.

Inzo12d ago

What, no easy mode Kotaku? Seriously though dont think Kotaku and co are innocent in why the gaming industry is the dumpster fire it currently is because sites like these praised this kind of behavior instead of calling the devs out all for the sake of early access.

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