The Nintendo Switch Needs a Zelda HD Collection

The Nintendo Switch Needs a Zelda HD Collection - Despite the system's success, it needs its halmark titles on the company's latest hit console.

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HeisenbergX13d ago

Nooo first give me Mario collection !! and by that i mean Mario Sunshine and Galaxy games.

yideyi13d ago

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JonTheGod13d ago

I don't want a Switch, but a Mario collection and a Zelda collection would be very tempting

Velvet_Donkey13d ago

Dumb idea when Nintendo can just sell each individually for more profit.

jjb198113d ago

I've never played Windwaker or Twilight princess. I'm holding out because I know Nintendo is going to re-release these. Maybe not in a bundle but they will somehow come to the switch.

Mr Marvel11d ago

Wind Waker was my favourite 3D Zelda before BotW. A brilliant game and unlike many people at the time of release, I actually loved the art style.

Twilight Princess was also great, but the shitty Wiimote held it back as it did with every proper Wii game.

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