Tales of compilation including Vesperia, Berseria & Zesteria coming November 8th

The latest three Tales of series releases could be coming to PlayStation 4 as a compilation on November 8th, if the following posting is to be believed.

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Imortus_san1263d ago

Nice one, i will buy it for 20.

1263d ago
PhoenixUp1263d ago

It’s being listed at around $50

PhoenixUp1263d ago

Not to $20 anytime soon, especially for a compilation. Tales of Vesperia; Definitive Edition is still $50

Yi-Long1263d ago

Nice. Considered getting Berseria a couple of times, but then I saw it had DLC and didn't.

If this collection comes with all the DLC included, I'll probably pick it up.

NiteX1263d ago

Would like Berseria to come to Switch.