Exclusive: A Deeper Look at the PlayStation 5

Ever since the original PlayStation hit the market in 1994, Sony's series of videogame consoles has stuck to the numbers. No "Super," no "Max," no "Code Red Xtreme"; just PlayStations 2, 3, and 4. With such unwavering consistency, the name of the next iteration has been a question only in the most technical sense—but Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan is still ready to answer it. The console, he tells me, will be called PlayStation 5. "It's nice to be able to say it," he says. "Like a giant burden has been lifted from my shoulders."

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Doge562d ago

Haptic feedback, USB-C and a larger battery for the controller?


RpgSama562d ago

"While a number of studios already had their PS5 devkits, the controller prototypes began rolling out much more recently, and no one is ready to name specific titles they're developing for the PS5. "We're working on a big one right now," says Marco Thrush, president of Bluepoint Games, which most recently worked on last year's PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus. "I'll let you figure out the rest.""

Demon Souls for Ps5 confirmed!!! That game it's going to be amazing on Next-Gen.

thatguyhayat562d ago

That could mean anything. As much as I want Demon Souls

DeadManMMX562d ago

Legend Of Dragoon would be great

RpgSama562d ago


Whatever it is I'm excited because bluepoint It's an amazing studio, but I seriously hope it's the long rumored Demon Souls remake.

_SilverHawk_562d ago

I really like how the ps5 will be a lot more powerful and faster while making the gaming experience better because of the innovations with new controller. Definitely getting this day one.

MajorLazer562d ago

If it's a Demon's Souls remake or sequel, I will actually die of joy

DarXyde562d ago

Too early to say, but this was a very interesting read.

As for BluePoint themselves, I think a studio acquisition announcement is coming soon, honestly.

And frankly, I think that's great. They're a great studio and really knock it out of the park.

greywolf39562d ago

Maybe ICO? Man that would be amazing to see and play on PlayStation 5

nucky64562d ago

oh, RpgSama - don't get me excited! for me, sony could name their price on a remake of demon souls with access to that broken arch!!! (and hopefully, at some point - demon souls 2)

UltraNova561d ago overload! Sony is making it increasingly hard not to jump in day one!

Drw1989561d ago

I'm hoping for Syphon Filter

ziggurcat561d ago

Oh god I hope it’s Demon’s Souls

RizBiz561d ago

I love how, regardless of how much that game is loved, most people still don't even know its actual name.

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bluefox755562d ago

I can't believe USB-C hasn't become the standard yet. Micro USB is just garbage.

RpgSama562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Those consoles came out In 2013, that's why they don't have it as a standard on the PS4, next gen will have it for both.

badz149562d ago

USB-C was still a bit of an alien back in 2013

Kribwalker562d ago

Haptic feedback is cool. Been using it in the xbox one controllers this gen.
Interesting to see a 4k bluray player and the ability to install only parts of games to save space. Two other features i’ve been enjoying this gen that are nice additions to the PS5

DigitalHope562d ago

Xbox controllers rumble they don’t do haptic feedback, they only have haptic feedback in the triggers. Nice try though.

sushimama562d ago

It's like you're trying to pee up a slide. The only thing that happens is you end up peeing on your shoes. Your weird and ridiculous stealth trolls are truly pathetic and never get you anywhere. People aren't stupid and they know what you're doing, every damn time you try and do it.

PS5 will be a nice addition the the vast majority of the gaming population's living rooms. It will dominate I'm sure. Hope you'll get one. I mean you don't want to miss out on the best console and best gaming experience again do you?

DarXyde562d ago

Translation from your not-so subtle trolling:

"Sony is still trying to catch up to this generation".

TKCMuzzer562d ago

You know what they say.......everyone loves a trier.....

zeuanimals562d ago (Edited 562d ago )


Lol. Sony catching up? Yeah, the leader of this gen is catching up. Whatever helps you through your day man.

UhOh562d ago

Yep I know you already moved on with your life and they got sloppy seconds. Oops thirds with Nintendo. Watch the hypocrisy.

darthv72562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

@hope... xbo haptic triggers were just the beginning. Sony took the idea and has adapted it to their own like they have done with other ideas (achievements, hard drive, faceplates, online community) They are always taking other ideas and evolving them for their use. It's okay though, they can copy all the ideas they want because they always deliver where it counts... the games.

XabiDaChosenOne562d ago

I can tell you're not truly happy with the Xbox the way your troll.

gangsta_red562d ago

"Haptic feedback is cool. Been using it in the xbox one controllers this gen."

I've heard that this feature was really cool for games like Forza. It would be nice to see this in more games and also see what Sony will do with it now that they're going to finally implement it.

"...4k bluray player and the ability to install only parts of games to save space."

PS4 never had these? You would think Sony would be at the forefront of both of these features considering they back bluray super hard.

fr0sty562d ago

Haptic feedback is technically what you'd call the triggers providing resistance, however Sony has taken this concept farther and somehow integrated it into the entire controller. Perhaps this also means the analog sticks feed back, maybe the buttons as well, I'm interested to see how it fully replaces rumble. I'm sure Sony is glad to not have to pay those Immersion royalties anymore (if anyone remembers the lawsuits that led the original PS3 controller to lack rumble).

rainslacker561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

Haptic has been available for a very long time. It's not anything new, just it wasnt as viable for smaller controllers until recently when better mechanisms were created to make it usable.

Sonys implementation is certainly more than what ms offers in the x1 controller. But same principal applies. I wouldn't call it Sony catching up, because this wasnt a standard launch feature with the controllers was it?


Haptic motors can be used to simulate rumble. It wouldn't be a generalized motor, but be applied to the input stuff on the controller itself. Kind of like how you can feel the road through the steering wheel of a car. It can basically provide feedback in the same way that force feedback controllers do, since it's on a smaller scale than say a steering wheel which requires a significant motor to push against the user...again, just like in a car

DerfDerf561d ago


The Xbox One controllers had haptic feedback in the triggers since launch. It's just not widely used. Really only the Forza games that have taken advantage of it. The controller uses a combination of rumble and haptic feedback together.

DerfDerf561d ago

@rainslacker yes this was a standard feature since launch. It was a part of the $100 million they put into redesigning the controller before launch

QuackShot561d ago


"Xbox controllers rumble they don’t do haptic feedback"

"they only have haptic feedback in the triggers"

Choose one, they can't both be true.

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UnSelf562d ago

This might be the first time i buy a console day 1

UhOh562d ago

Too bad the PS5 and Nextbox won't be coming out next year.

SyntheticForm561d ago

USB C is the easiest to 'insert' I find. Also, I can charge my Galaxy with the console. Yay.

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itani562d ago

I wonder if they will be changing the design of the controller or they sticking to the same one. Don't mind either way

sprinterboy562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

I imagine the shape will remain the same but minus the light bar and minus the touch pad (basically a map button) and have voice recognition built in rather than having to use a mic for voice commands etc. Build quality will be improved upon but other than that the same imo.

Ozzy2407562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Need the light bar for Psvr which is ps5 compatible

562d ago
Sniperwithacause562d ago

Go to a few playstion related Facebook pages and they have pictures of the controller. New rumble, and better triggers for the ps5.

Shikoku562d ago

I doubt it changes much if at all

KwietStorm_BLM561d ago

Thats been my biggest issue. It's been the same controller all.these.years. They finally updated it a little with the PS4, but it's size still cramps my hands, and I don't feel they've made any serious strides with ergonomics. They tried with the PS3 til everyone cried on the internet, forcing them to stay with the same design. We've seen all the prototypes they had for PS4, even though they ultimately went with the familiar design. The die hard PlayStation fanboys will all say if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and I love the history of PlayStation as a platform, but there's a reason all the third party controllers don't follow the same design language.

darthv72561d ago

There was a 3rd party one that was modular and allowed you to swap the dpad and analogs if you wanted. I liked that idea and it worked pretty damn well too. I know they will likely keep the same old same but it would be nice to offer offsets for those of us who prefer that layout.

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Nyxus562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Glad it's simply called PlayStation 5. Stick to the tradition. And holiday 2020 sounds good, day one for me.

This sounds nice as well:

"The controller (which history suggests will one day be called the DualShock 5, though Cerny just says "it doesn't have a name yet") does have some features Cerny's more interested in acknowledging. One is "adaptive triggers" that can offer varying levels of resistance to make shooting a bow and arrow feel like the real thing—the tension increasing as you pull the arrow back—or make a machine gun feel far different from a shotgun. It also boasts haptic feedback far more capable than the rumble motor console gamers are used to, with highly programmable voice-coil actuators located in the left and right grips of the controller.

Combined with an improved speaker on the controller, the haptics can enable some astonishing effects."

KiRBY3000562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Exciting times! If I find the courage, I will wait for the PS5 to play Cyberpunk so I can enjoy the ray-tracing tech. The controller somehow mimicking surfaces like mud and ice seems awesome as well. Seems like another must have system from Sony.

edit: Looks like Bluepoint just confirmed they are working on a PS5 game.

Shikoku562d ago

Im waiting for PS5 to play cyber, LoU2 and Ghost.

The_Sage561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

I won't be able to hold off on The Last of Us: Part 2. I'll be playing that on February 21st. I'll play through it again on my PS5.

locomorales562d ago

- PlayStation 5
- End of 2020
- AMD Ryzen CPU
- AMD Navi GPU
- No HDD, but with an SSD
- Ray tracing directly on sound and graphics hardware
- 100GB optical disks (probably BD)
- 4K BD Player
- Change in game installation
- New interface, integrated with games and friends activities
- Dualshock 5 will have adaptive triggers, where the required pressure changes according to the game.
- Better "vibration" on buttons and speaker on control for better effects
- Gran Turismo Sport has been ported to the PS5
- Charging with USB Type C, heavier than DS4 (but lighter than XOne) and larger battery.

Nyxus562d ago

Where are the concerned articles now? :P

IRetrouk562d ago

I was about to tear that article a new one before it disappeared lol, atleast half of it was false, sony gave out ps5 info before micro did, yet the article was claiming sony said nothing as of yet, laughable, as for the rest of it, was a stretch to say the least lol.

MasterCornholio562d ago

I'm concerned about those articles.


IRetrouk562d ago

Sounds like a very nice jump, really looking forward to buying it day 1.
As much as I like the idea of gt sport getting a ps5 version, isn't the ps5 natively bc with ps4? Wouldn't it be more a case of them just running the game as opposed to a port?

DigitalHope562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Yes it’s BC but does that mean a portted version and an older version run the same? No! By porting and making a PS5 version they can change the code so the game can take better advantage of the hardware. It’s not rocket science.

IRetrouk562d ago

Did you get any of that from what was said in the article? Did he mention the textures or poly count being upped? What about the resolution and frame rate? Did he mention anything at all to indicate he was playing an updated version? No? The fact he was playing gt sport on a ps5 dev kit does not mean there is a port being made, its bc so I don't see why they would need to port it, they would only need to update the game with a download, no porting's not rocket science.

oakshin561d ago

They ported it as a way to practice with the new tech most likely a good way to break the ice with the new hardware

IRetrouk561d ago

But again, they don't need to make a port, the game will run on the ps5 natively, they can simply offer a download with those improvements on, think xbox one to xbox x, some games may not even need a patch to get the benefits of running on the ps5, I just don't see them wasting time on something they don't need to do, especially knowing the next game is already in the works.

The_Sage561d ago (Edited 561d ago )


He's referring to the article, but getting it just a little wrong when taking about GT Sport. In the article the writer talks about playing a version of GT Sport adapted to make use of the new controllers abilities on a PS5 dev kit.

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Outside_ofthe_Box562d ago

Sounds like all the boxes are checked to me