Concrete Genie Review: A triumph that'll sweep you away as you paint the town red |Dailystar

Pixleopus has made a triumphant return and from your very first brush stroke, you’ll be so swept away by the colour, story, and ingenuity unlike anything else out there.

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Kribwalker1456d ago

Nice. Looking forward to trying this one out soon


Top 10 PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gems

There are many PlayStation Plus Premium hidden gems waiting to be found, including the gratifying Gravity Rush 2 and the intriguing Telling Lies.

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shinoff2183468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Not to bad.

whitbyfox468d ago

Gravity Rush 1 and 2 are amazing can you believe the guy who created Silent Hill created these.

PixelOmen468d ago

Gravity Rush 2 is probably the most underrated game on PS4.

DarXyde467d ago

Agreed. And it was definitely top 5 on the platform for me. Genuinely loved how charming the series is/was.I loved it so much that I Platinumed it twice (Gravity Rush 2 and its Japanese variant, Gravity Daze 2).
Such a lovely series. I say this once every 3 or so months, but Sony committed the gravest sin in my eyes by dismantling my favorite Sony studio, Japan Studio and I really had a hard time forgiving that.

467d ago
BlaqMagiq1467d ago

Absolute classics, both Gravity Rush 1 & 2.


Concrete Genie Developer Is Making a New PS5 Game Using Unreal Engine 5

Concrete Genie developer PixelOpus is currently hiring staff to work on a PS5 game powered by Unreal Engine 5, and is working with the studio behind Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

Darkborn851d ago

Interesting. Glad to see them staff up for a bigger project.

jukins851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Hmm teaming with spiderverse studio. This should be interesting. Seems each game bigger and bigger

851d ago
Vithar851d ago

UE5 looks insane, cannot wait to see games use it

masterfox851d ago

They should patch Concrete Genie for next gen , the game looks gorgeous even thou it has its framerate locked at 30 fps.

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Destruction AllStars, Control: UE, Concrete Genie are your PlayStation Plus for February 2021

Vehicular mayhem, supernatural action, and magical Genies await you next month.

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Iceball2000978d ago

Wow that’s an awesome month!

bouzebbal978d ago

Can I get PS5 games without owning the system?

boing1978d ago

I think you can claim them via web store or playstation app.

LG_Fox_Brazil978d ago

Yes, just log in the PSPlus website and put them in your library

bouzebbal978d ago

Thanks guys, I just tried and it worked..
All Stars looks dope!!

StoneyYoshi978d ago

Good to know this isn't locked down like the PS+ collection Which requires the console to access them.

Neonridr978d ago

yeah you can just collect them ahead of time while they are free and then when you get the system down the road you can install them. Don't forget to do that with Maneater this month (if you haven't already).

Kurt Russell977d ago

I am glad you asked this and people responded. I had no idea either, I have just added Man Eater and will do so with these when they go live. I have a feeling it will be a while until I can get my grubby hands on a PS5 to play them.

Sitdown977d ago

Question, if I "purchase" a game with ps+, and for some reason it leaves the store, would I still be able to download it? I'm more concerned about the ps collection, but I need to go purchase a larger hdd for my ps4 games.

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Storm23978d ago

Incredible month! So glad I waited on buying Control (especially with the PS5 version locked behind Ultimate Edition). Going to be awesome to play that on PS5. Concrete Genie looks great and hopefully this will make Destruction All-Stars take off (if it's good enough to warrant that). Great month Sony

VenomUK978d ago

@Storm23. Control was in the sale and I was going to get it but held off, I'm so glad I did! I wanted Concrete Genie and maybe Destruction Allstars will be fun. Great month.

Abnor_Mal978d ago

Its an incredible month indeed. I was seriously on the fence about if Control was a game I would like, so held off on buying it, even when on sale. As for Conceete Genie, although bright vibrant the gameplay really didn't grab me. I will now get a chance to play it, and should be playable in vr with the PSVR I hope. Destruction All-Stars is now sitting nicely in my PS5 library waiting the day I do get a PS5 to play it.

CobraKai978d ago

Me too. It was in my Best Buy cart. I almost pulled the trigger yesterday.

TallDarknWavy978d ago

I bought control just over 2 months ago, waited to play it, still haven't opened it but because I downloaded it as usual when buying something I can't get a refund.

northpaws977d ago

Bought Control UE two weeks ago -_-

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Great month! I'm actually signing up for Plus next month despite not having a PS5 yet.