Trophy Support Coming To Fallout 3 PS3

Sony owners were definitely not feeling the love, but relief is in sight! Speaking during one of Eurogamer's always informative Live Chat sessions, Hines confirmed that trophy support for the title was definitely on the way, although he didn't have an exact ETA.

Mr PS35729d ago

When i've already done it
And now i'm Knee Deep in Resistance 2

Pennywise5729d ago

Should of been there 2 weeks ago before most of the people played it.

UnwanteDreamz5729d ago

You are both right. I'm playing a goody goody right now. I guess I'll hold off playing the bad guy until we get trophies.

I'm turning into a tro hoe.

Nineball21125729d ago

this gives me a bit extra reason to ask for this for Christmas, eh?

bunbun7775729d ago

I have 2 characters now- I see absolutely no reason I will not want to start a "lil miss trophy ho" character when the time comes.

Great game!

eXo85729d ago

Well.. I'm on my second character right now so I'm just going to put off this game until trophies are released.

I'm turning into a bit of a trophy whore lately, LBP, R2, FC2.. I just can't get enough of them!

Lifendz5729d ago

I can get the game used, with the patch that'll probably be out, and get trophies.

The Matrix5729d ago

Trophies/achievements are so addictive. You just want to go back and play the game 3 more times to get all them all.

StephanieBBB5728d ago

I was waiting for this so I can replay Fallout 3 again. But this time, as the world biggest balls breaker.

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devilhunterx5729d ago

Wasnt this reported last week?

UnwanteDreamz5729d ago (Edited 5729d ago )

I missed it. Sorry if it is, but I couldn't find it.

EDIT: My bad for posting this again. I'm gonna be an Fn trainee forever.