Games That Embarrass The "AAA" Industry (The Jimquisition)

Shall we talk about good games doing good things? Between Borderlands 3 and Code Vein, we have examples of cosmetic rewards and customization done right in the "AAA" space.

With the catalog of Focus Home Interactive games, we have mid-tier games providing complete experiences that the market's been starved of.

These are the titles totally humiliating the "AAA" industry.

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Jimboms790d ago

If I'm really honest I think this guy embarrasses the industry.

-Foxtrot790d ago

How? He’s one of the few guys who calls out loot boxes, MTs, shitty anti consumer practices and industry figures...he hardly gives a shit about what they think of him

Not saying Jim is absolutely amazing but credit where it’s due

AspiringProGenji790d ago

I credit him and all the the youtubers who constantly raise awareness and are againts hype culture and bullshit in video games

“Time savers”
So you telling me that your games are a waste of time Ubisoft?

AnubisG790d ago

I think he is reffering to how Jim is conducting himself. I'm not a fan of his style either but he speaks the truth.

bluefox755790d ago

He endorses doxxing, he's not a good guy.

victorMaje790d ago

Not sure if you meant he is the one who’s embarrassing or if he puts the industry to shame.
He’s one of the few who calls out anti-consumer & anti-developer (from publishers) practices. I think it’s commendable.
In this latest video he praises Borderlands 3 for example having the proper mechanics to encourage fun instead of grinding, despite his known hate for Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford.

AnotherGamer790d ago

He's the one who call out the shenanigans of a lot AAA publishers & Anti-consumer practices, a lot of game news Youtubers cite his views in videos a lot cause they all agree with him.

monkey602790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

I don't agree with Jim all the time but the man is consistent and honest in his beliefs time and time again. He calls bullshit when he sees it and always has a point to make

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Abcdefeg790d ago

Code vein character creation is the best part of the game

Thundercat77790d ago

Code Vein is a good game. It definetly has more pros than cons, it bring new good ideas to the genre and it has the best character customization system.

Thundercat77790d ago

I bought Code Vein and I am having a great time with it. Is not a GOTY but is an enjoyable experience for those who like Souls games and Anime.

PrinterMan789d ago

What’s wrong with loot boxes. You play, you get free stuff. What’s the problem?

BenRC01789d ago

You. People who don't understand what's really going on and continue to support this vile practice aimed at kids.

BenRC01789d ago

Ghost recon vid was funny.
Good to have somebody that hasn't forgot how disgusting mtx, loot boxes and dlc really are while the vast majority of dumb gamers just accept it.

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