Should Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Make a Comeback?

Rumours have resurfaced that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may be making a comeback on the upcoming PlayStation console. But should it really be reived?

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gangsta_red421d ago

Do something different than a poor man's Smash Bros clone. Make it like the Project X Zone series which by the way needs to come to consoles.

Do something like that or Dissidia.

If you're gonna copy, copy from something not quite as obvious.

naruga420d ago

it needs a big Japanese developer behind it ...and also Crash bandicoot as the first face in the cover and secondarily Cloud , Jill Chris and Solid Snake at least to have a decent attention form the fans

gangsta_red420d ago

" needs a big Japanese developer behind it"

I think a western dev could handle it, but yeah, it may need that Japanese quirkiness to make it stand out.

"..and also Crash bandicoot as the first face in the cover and secondarily Cloud , Jill Chris and Solid Snake at least to have a decent attention form the fans"

Agreed, the first one felt like advertisements from third party devs who were promoting their latest games by letting Sony use them and not the classics that should have been included in the game.

Army_of_Darkness420d ago

They should remake it to look and play more like Dragon Ball Z Fighters! that would be awesome.

-Foxtrot420d ago

The problem is that it wasn't a Smash Clone

They tried to do something within the game that was Smash but wasn't and they paid for it instead of just embracing it and making the best game they could

No one liked having to get a Lv 3 Super constantly JUST to throw your enemies off the stage, seeing those Super animations over and over was dreadful. I just want to knock enough health off them and hit them out of the stage and if that means having it "be like Smash" then fair enough

If they wanted to do something to really set its self apart from Snash then they should have made it more close to the Outfoxies, something Smash based their games off.

gangsta_red420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

"The problem is that it wasn't a Smash Clone"

I disagree completely. The same concept, gameplay design and style of Smash does make PS All Stars a clone. The only way they tried to differentiate themselves from Smash was the Lv 3 supers to knock your opponent off stage...I mean, c'mon, knocking your opponent off stage is directly a rip from Smash.

I have no issues with PS trying a Smash of their own the same way I wish Sony and MS would make a copy of Mario Kart using their own mascots. The problem is if you're going to do something like the competition make it better or go in a completely different direction so the obvious comparisons won't be made.

"Smash then they should have made it more close to the Outfoxies, something Smash based their games off"

I love that you know about Outfoxies because that is a classic game. I personally don't think thats true though because in Outfoxies you had weapons and used the actual stage to defeat your opponents. But if you're going to call Smash something based off Outfoxies then you have to recognize PS All Stars is a copying Smash.

Also I think if they were to go in the Project X Zone direction, I think they would be able to get the license for those characters you mentioned below a lot easier.

Prince-Ali420d ago

I actually loved it... ESPECIALLY with it being during clutch moments which were super common and competitive as fuuuuu***kkk loool

rainslacker420d ago

I kind of felt that all the different styles didn't mesh well together. Smash for the most part, kind of feels like it all goes together...even if the characters themselves aren't originally in that Nintendo style.

Game play wasn't that bad in PASBR, but yeah, it was more a race to get to the power move, than any real skill to become better than someone else.

There's nothing wrong with it being like smash. There are plenty of fighting games which are like one another, but still unique in their own way.

locomorales420d ago

Yeah, I agree with you. I think Sony should make a game like Capcom's Marvel vs Capcom or Nether Realm's Injustice.

It would fit the company philosophy and player base much better. A well-made Smash clone will be the target of numerous press criticism and free attacks from the vocalic Nintendo Fandom.

gangsta_red420d ago

"It would fit the company philosophy and player base much better."

Agreed 100%, i think one of the reasons Smash Bros works is the fact that Nintendo mascots are mostly friendly heroic figures and seeing them all fight is not only fun to see but a departure from their normal character. Playstation characters are all mostly violent anti heroes and nothing is cute about seeing them in some type of brawler style smash game.

Make it more in tune with their fan base and what they usually play on Playstation.

Prince-Ali420d ago

I completely disagree with you like i saw your disagreement with someone below when they stated they DIDN'T copy Smash because the simple truth is they didn't, i put in WAYYYYY over 100 hours in that game FOR SUREEE!!! Me and my friends genuinely loved that game and i can categorically tell you my love for Raiden Sky rocketted after that game lool... But in terms of gameplay they both share the same genre so the general gameloop will ALWAYS stay the same... Battlefield isnt a copy of CoD like CoD isn't a copy of CS:GO... They're simply all FPS games and thus the gameplay mechanics all share a similar bases...

Smash being the original and only true game to take the genre seriously will always be the blueprint but any game that comes in the genre is in a 'damned if you do, damned if you dont category'. If they copy Smash to a tee they'll get blasted as a Smash clone that isn't good because Smash does it better (even if it isn't true) and if they make changes to the formula like PSABR ABSOLUTELY DOES!!!! They get slaughtered as a Smash clone that isn't good enough to even compete even if those changes are positive.
The point im making is, the points per kill approach to the game ABSOLUTELY changes the game because it keeps everyone in the game fairly and you earn your points through the kill, all the characters have a tell and you know how to dodge and parry to get clear of the finisher hit radius, And ontop of all of that the theres 3 levels of Super making each level stronger and that much harder to dodge meaning you can collect AP orbs to fill your bar and aim to get a higher Super level so you can potentially kill more targets which would mean you need to make sure you play attacking enough to earn AP but ALSO defensively minded enough that you aren't taking any significant amount of damage so that you lose YOUR AP orbs that you cant do higher level Supers while the clock is ticking down and you lack the points to get the potential win. Do you save up for a level 3 Super and kill as many targets as you can in one go or do you finish enemies with level 1's and the occasional level 2 ALL while the clock is ticking down and other people are deploying different tactics and you're last in the scoring because you decided to go with whatever tactics you want to... When you change a games ENTIRE scoring system then fundamentally it's SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE to be the same as another game when the ENTIRE means of 'success' is different...
I've said ALL this and i havent even gone onto mention map variety, Character variety with EVERYONE having worth, combos, etc... PSABR was DEFFFOOOOO not a generic clone of Smash, Smash is great and PSABR was given the short end of a shitty stick because whenever ANY game comes out that tries to compete with Nintendo in a genre they are the dominant force in, Nintendo fans simply do not let it happen regardless of the ACTUAL quality of the work.

This was LONG AS F**K and my bad but i needed to explain just broadly (whether or not you or anyone for that matter ACTUALLY reads this looool)

locomorales420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I really understand your point. PSASBR is a different game, but it shares a lot with Smash. And, for me, this is negative because I don't like too much Smash either.

For me, making PSASBR 2 a fighting game like Marvel vs Capcom or even Injustice is far more desireble than keep what they made before. The characters and worlds fit a lot better in this kind of scenario and I don't think PlayStation as the "to go" platform to play with 4 friends in the same couch.

I think the game needs to fit the player base better the same way Smash fits the Nintendo player base.

gangsta_red420d ago

I read it and I definitely see your points. PS All Stars in my opinion just failed to capture the same audience and magic that Smash did unlike other games that copied a formula, whether in the FPS genre or other fighting games like SF (which if you think about it are also very few).

Because Smash is so popular, everyone was going to point out the similarities even if PSAS did some things differently. Unfortunately for a lot of people and the critics those changes just didn't wok out.

This is why I suggest Sony go in a whole new direction so the obvious comparisons aren't made. Nintendo just has such a foothold in the Smash style fighting genre that it would be tough for anyone to make their own version of it.

TOTSUKO420d ago

I kind of feel like they can go the Overwatch route do a team based arena multiplayer with heavy emphasis on the team composition.

gangsta_red420d ago

Hmmmm..I like the sound of that too.

mcstorm420d ago

I'm with you this game felt half done and lacked content compared to smash bros. I was hyped for it as well but felt like a let down.

Like I felt with MNR on the PSV loved the ps4 version and tbh love to see MNR 2 for ps4/ps5 more than ps all stars

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Sgt_Slaughter420d ago

If it's anything like the first, please no. The fact that it's rumored to be developed by Capcom also has me saying no, given how money hungry they'd get.

worahaka420d ago

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nucky64420d ago

if it was pick one character and fight all of the others in a one-on-one format with each character having their own zany special moves and such - i'd buy it for sure. as a battle royale, i'm not as interested.

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