Rumor: PS4 Facebook Support ending soon

New info has surfaced mentioning that the PS4 Facebook support is ending soon. Here's what's said by PSN Asia.

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Nitrowolf2564d ago

Yeah, I rarely used it myself and in fact turned it off

UltraNova564d ago

Used once... pointless feature afaic.

563d ago
naruga563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

never used it myself ....PSn is by itself the best social gaming network ...doesnt need support form useless FB

MajorLazer564d ago

Good to see it removed. FB/Zuckerberg is actual scum

Atticus_finch564d ago

He really is. I deleted my facebook and insta like 8 years ago. I'm much happier now.

Army_of_Darkness564d ago

wtf?! there's FB on PS4?! LOL! Either I missed it or completely forgot about it.

kneon564d ago

You're not alone, that's why it wouldn't surprise me if it went away. I'm sure they know exactly how many people are using it, and it may just be that it's a pointless feature.

roadkillers564d ago

Probably means that facebook is going to release some platform to play games on.

563d ago
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Teflon02564d ago

Forgot I could post to it. Might as well just post to youtube and link it to your fb

bluefox755564d ago

Does anyone use their console for anything beyond gaming or netflix?

kneon564d ago

My TVs already have YouTube and Netflix support so I don't need to powerup a console just for that.

zep564d ago

i use mine as a karaoke machine. im from japan, we have joysound and dam that we can donwload from the store

2pacalypsenow564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Yeah I never used the FB on ps4

Mr Marvel564d ago

Just gaming.
I YouTube and Netflix on other devices.

Teflon02564d ago

just gaming now. I use my 4K TV apps for YouTube, Netflix, FUNimationNow etc. Then my PC for everything else

Zeegamereh564d ago

Gaming Netflix and YouTube lol why tf would anyone use Facebook on a console 😂

BioShockGX564d ago

Gaming and youtube.
Never used netflix before coz piratebay exists ayyyy

nucky64564d ago

just gaming for me. i use my tv for netflix/hulu.....etc and have a bluray player for movies.

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PlayableGamez-564d ago

Facebook is for boomers now days.

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The story is too old to be commented.