Activision confirmed Call of Duty Mobile controller support is in the works

Activision VP of Mobile talked about the future of CoD Mobile. During an interview, he mentioned that Call of Duty Mobile controller support is in the works

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Jin_Sakai1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Good to hear. I tried the game out last night and although i hate touch controls with a passion I absolutely destroyed. Got 21 kills and was MVP. Who would’ve thought. Lol

They should port Call of Duty Mobile to Nintendo Switch. I think it would be a perfect fit.

GamingonPhone1335d ago

Nice job man! But there are plenty of bots at the beginning.
The number of bots will decrease as you go high :)

Jin_Sakai1335d ago

Yea I kind of figured that. It wasn’t my first game though. I’d love controller support or a Switch port if we’re lucky.

SkatterBrain1334d ago

ive been kinda lazy hooking my 8bitdo snes pro+ to my note 9 was actually gonna try this game , glad i didnt wastr the time to find out it doesnt have controller support yet

porkChop1334d ago

Bringing COD Mobile to Switch would be smart. They aren't bringing the other games over so that would let them hit another market.

GamingonPhone1334d ago

Sounds like a plan. But yeah this can actually be beneficial for Activision.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1335d ago

This has been surprisingly good to control even with touchscreen. I've put 5 hours into it so far. Really fun.

GamingonPhone1335d ago

Yeah, no doubt that the game is very much fun. And guess what, it is just the start, there will be a lot more things to be added in the future and we are eagerly waiting for that. :)

And, GamingonPhone will be covering every small aspect of the game ;)

Sophisticated_Chap1334d ago

This game is impressive, and I would consider getting one of those brackets that you can use with an Xbox One/PS4 controller. If they come out with powerful phones that have a 'video out' jack, then this is probably the future we're looking at. It will be interesting to see where things sit after next generation.

SLiSH831334d ago

You can do that with a iPad Pro, and I’m assuming any phone with usb c.

Usb c to hdmi

Leeroyw1334d ago

Good call. Those cables eliminate Bluetooth lag. I've been playing the game in early access for months. I love it still. The royale mode is good

mcstorm1334d ago

You can already so this with USB c even some wireless mirroring.

That said I kind of agree/disagree with you on the teams of next gen mobile gaming.

I still feel pc/consoles will always have the upper hand but then seening devices like the surface duo and Nano I can see this booting gaming on mobile. Plus with Windows 10x of Microsoft can get the right support and hardware games could be in the up in terms of console graphics.

SLiSH831334d ago

Yup pretty good mobile version definitely in my rotation for mobile.
Can’t wait for controller support and hopefully we get that switch port too

GamingonPhone1334d ago

hopefully, the controller support will arrive soon.

CDbiggen1334d ago

Controller support would probably heavily unbalance the game. I would've thought anyway.

Jin_Sakai1334d ago

You can turn extremely fast with touch screen though. Like a mouse without the precision. I’d say controller support wouldn’t cause too much imbalance.

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