It’s time to bring more Zelda to the Switch

An excerpt:
"After an enjoyable journey through the classic The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, I realized that it would be nice to revisit more of the games between A Link to the Past and Breath of the Wild – and what better way than on the Nintendo Switch. Link’s Awakening proves that remaking and re-releasing these titles can give a whole new generation a chance to appreciate timeless classics."

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ShinjukuSon553d ago

Ive been waiting for Windwaker since the Switch released.

Limitedtimestruggle553d ago

I played trough the Wii U version straight after the ending credits rolled in Breath of The dire need of a proper more classic Zelda style..and what a game it is! Simply fantastic stuff!

TheRealTedCruz553d ago

Windwaker HD is a no-brainer.

Limitedtimestruggle553d ago

I might actually give Skyward Sword another chance..given it is playable with a normal control scheme. God that game was a huge letdown, mostly due to forced on motion controls but I can't say I found the game very fun in it's own. I have tried to play trough it twice...but I just cant stand having to play with motion controls.

jmtstan553d ago

if they can remaster Link's Awakening, i wanna see A link between worlds on switch too. bring in Twilight Princess HD, Windwaker as well.

King_Noctis553d ago

Imo A Link Between world has better gameplay mechanic and story than Link’s Awakening. Hope to see that game end up on the Switch soon.

Doge553d ago

Shhh don’t say that otherwise people will cry about ports and how’s there’s a new zeldaaaaazzzz every year 🤫

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