Why We Still Hate That One Halo Level

Halo is an exceptional series. Every gamer should give it a try. Just try not to let the Library ruin the experience.

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darthv72307d ago

The library and the flood of 'flood' adds to the challenge of beating the game. Halo: CE is a classic.

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addictedtochaos306d ago

Love the Halo series and really enjoyed Halo 5, not crazy about them turning Cortana into a villain.

Sciurus_vulgaris306d ago

The villainous Cortana concept may have been based on a concept that was scrapped from Halo: CE. Originally, Bungie wanted Cortana to go mad due to power and knowledge after she was even access to the Halo’s control room in the first entry of the series.

Unspoken305d ago

AI lifespan and there subsequent break downs is a novel concept in a game series. Thumbs up for me..

Sciurus_vulgaris306d ago

I think the level, “Cortana” is worse than than Libary. As an experienced Halo player, I think Cortana is the worst mission of the Halo FPS games.

chiefJohn117306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Speak for yourself I love EVERY mission level from Halo CE and Halo 3.

Kiwi66306d ago

Why can't they like them ?

chiefJohn117305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

So what about me shows I love halo 1 and 3 levels over 2,4,5, odst,reach to make you say of course?

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franwex306d ago

I never really minded the library. It does drag a bit-as did other CE levels.
Cortana from Halo 3-as mentioned above is probably the worst level of the series. Good thing it’s not that long!

BigTrain305d ago

I completely agree. I actually liked the Library especially in coop with a friend. We experienced many off the wall moments in that level that had to be seen to be believed. And yes that Cortana level was my bane of the series, that really sucked but was never discussed. Halo 1 single player or coop to this day is still my favorite. I hated part 2s because of the way they chose to gimp the weapons. Especially how the plasma pistols charge had 0 effect outside of removing a shield. It played terribly in comparison to part 1, but the MP of course is the star of that series.

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The story is too old to be commented.