Far Cry 2 Sells One Million Units Worldwide Over Three Weeks

Kombo: "Ubisoft seems to be rather proud of themselves at the moment. And why not? Selling one million units of Far Cry 2 around the world in just three weeks isn't a bad thing, no sir."

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Capt CHAOS3631d ago

Ikh don't think so, if they're talking all released platforms..

PirateThom3631d ago

Over three platforms? It's not particularly great, but it's decent. Especially considering it's not a particularly big game.


Considering the game was/is being overshadowed somewhat with the hype for Gears2,Resistance2 and COD5.

dj_funky3631d ago

i finally beat this damn game yesterday.. now i can trade it in for cod5. don't think i'll be playing it again.. online is cool but got boring. the game is great and with awesome explosions and gunplay but it kinda got too repetitive for me.