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Just a few years ago Electronic Arts wasn't exactly known for taking chances on fresh ideas with new intellectual properties. This holiday season has already seen one stellar release from the mega publisher in the form of Dead Space and now we have the company's second attempt at establishing a new videogame franchise. It comes to us in the form of Mirror's Edge.

X360: 7.3
PS3: 7.4

Reasons for difference: "PS3 version looks just a bit cleaner than 360" and "PS3 bumpers are preferable to 360"

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St03654d ago

Wow only 7.3, i was expecting atlease an 8/10 from IGN :O

chaosatom3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I'll be renting both mirror's edge and dead space. :)

Just like heavenly sword :)

The games are meant to be rented not bought or missed completely.

Baba19063654d ago

dead space is way better than just a "rental". i think its really worth buying.

Homicide3654d ago

It was always a rental for me. Looks like the game lacks replay value.

celldomceen13654d ago

deadspace is a buy not so sure about mirrors edge but ill give it a try see how i feel about it first.

Bnet3433654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Like I said all along, a game I can blow through in 3 days. Rental.

chaosatom3654d ago

I didn't mean to demean dead space or anything.

I was talking about my rental preferences.

CEO OF N4G3654d ago

To be honest im still bying this game.I dont let reviews stop me from playing a game.

morganfell3654d ago

Considering there were alternate routes in the demo I don't think a rental will do for me. I bought Deadspace, I am buying this - already paid off, and Heavenly Sword was a purchase day one as well.

JBaby3433654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I liked the multiple routes in the demo and choices of how to go about things but I did feel a little confined in that you really couldn't go outside specific bounds (though I tried) like other nearby buildings. I expect the actual game will be completely open world. Can't wait to experiment.

Heavenly Sword was good too. I've played multiple times performing all the combos.

gaffyh3654d ago

I gotta say Dead space is pretty awesome, much better than I expected. 7.4 seems pretty low for Mirror's Edge, surely it deserves a little more than that, but IGN are usually right.

kevnb3654d ago

this is how they treat games with no depth.

joydestroy3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

agreeing with everyone else, Dead Space is a buy. i've played through it once and am half way through it again. it's just sick how EA did such a good job for once.

Mirror's Edge = fail
not my type of game at all. would've gotten it if it had been in third person. just the way it plays, it makes me dizzy, seriously.

IGN again tells it like it is.

BlackTar1873654d ago

is one of the best games i played this year.

Def. a purchase. Support titles that deserve it support Dead Space awesome first effort and cant wait to see the second effort.

-GametimeUK-3654d ago

wtf 7.3 is a good score
he basically just said this title will click for some and not for others... for me it clicked after playing the demo... 7.3 is a good score to the right buyers just not a game for everyone... its just a shame the review system is so lame these days

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Le-mo3654d ago

Wow, I'll be honest, that's way lower than I expect it.

meepmoopmeep3654d ago

yeah, i was thinking the lowest it would get was 8.

i'm still getting it, i've played a game that scored 5's and loved it.
the demo was all i needed to make my own decision.

i wish every game would release a demo for us to try.

lowcarb3654d ago

I'm with you there meep.

JBaby3433654d ago

The demo played great and this does seem to offer a unique perspective and play style. This game has definitely intrigued me. Will have to wait for the full game to give it the only score that really matters to me. MINE.

IcarusOne3654d ago

Because I did my own comparison of the demos. Both systems were output at 1080i via the same HDMI cable.

Visuals: While it's true the PS3 version looked slightly better (less contrast, subtler hues and saturation), it also had a lot more jaggies than the 360. I was easily able to tweak the options on the 360 to get a comparable look, but there's no way to hide the PS3 jaggies. Framerates both felt solid. Also, oddly enough, the 360 had a wider field of view. While it doesn't exactly affect the gameplay, I was surprised - like the 360 has a wider lens than the PS3.

Controls - I disagree with IGN's Head-to-Head completely on this, but I use my S-type a lot more than my Dualshock. I missed way more jumps on the PS3 because the shoulders are more analog sensitive than the bumpers. Since the game has no variations on the strength of a jump (you either jump or you don't), I liked the bumper a lot more. The S-type joysticks (being heavier and tighter on the tension) also allowed me to be more specific with my directional control. The Dualshock felt more jerky and spastic and several times I overcorrected and missed my mark completely.

Just one guy's opinion.

DiabloRising3654d ago

If this doesn't prove then that reviews are OPINIONS, I don't know what will...

badz1493654d ago

ok, we're clear on that and I'm with IGN on this one. the idea of the game is brilliant but the downside of having this type of game is to have a very linear gameplay! I got dizzy while playing the demo but the linearity of the game is too obvious especially when the things that you can grab is marked clearly in red which act like arrows in driving games. but the difference between the 2 is, when driving you can take alternative routes but in Mirror's edge, you're on rooftops and there are pretty much nowhere else to go but following the only routes available! if the full game is anything like the demo, which is very likely so, I'll pass.

The XBOT3653d ago

I reviewed the game when it was leaked and posted my review here:

graphics 9 great art, crisp graphics
sound 8 very good sound effects and music
control 7 not the best, but it works
gameplay 6 frustrating at times, good at other times, repetitive at most times
replay 6 short game, limited mulitplayer

Overall 7.2 (OK)

I got it dead right.

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Deviant3654d ago

damn ..the only site im respecting
mhm :/

Sony Rep3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

X360: 7.3
PS3: 7.4

Just passing by...

JBaby3433654d ago

That could easily be construed as fighting words... er um numbers.

Sony Rep3654d ago

X360: 7.3
PS3: 7.4

Reasons for difference: "PS3 version looks just a bit cleaner than 360" and "PS3 bumpers are preferable to 360"

heyheyhey3654d ago

don't stoop to their level and make a big deal over it.... all these minor differences are so negligible

JBaby3433654d ago

But after all the crap I've heard and still hear at times from the "other side" I don't have much of a problem with what he says. They certainly aren't about to come all the way up to our level.

Kleptic3654d ago

I hate this crap...doesn't matter which version is 'better'..every multiplat this game this generation has been so close, it doesn't matter...unless its something so drastic as to simply not buy it for one system over the other, it should only be mentioned, and not reflected in the score...

seriously IGN?...bumpers are better on the PS3 controller?...that is like when a 360 fanatic tells me the DS3 sucks for first person shooters...funny how I prefer the DS3 over the 360 controller anyday regardless of the game...just because I agree with that opinion, doesn't change the fact that its simply an opinion...and shouldn't change a games score...

Now when its something like the differences between FEAR on the 360 and PS3...make the shortcomings known...that game sucked on the PS3...was nearly unplayable, and looked like complete crap...the 360 version was nearly identical to a high end PC...its fair in that context...

PopEmUp3653d ago

what the different does that really make. I mean really .1 different is that the thing you fanboy brag about all days long, this is getting out of shape

on topic this game I thought it deserve an 8 but either way, it still a good review and a good game at least for a rent If you not so sure I mean

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