Blizzard's President On Making Sure Nothing Changes

J. Allen Brack reflects on the success of WoW Classic, the backlash to Diablo: Immortal, and his vision for Blizzard.

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Rachel_Alucard745d ago

A bunch of PR spin answers that never answer the questions. Expected.

Fluttershy77745d ago

- Are there ever discussions about doing mobile but coming up with something that doesn't have all the baggage of an existing IP?
- Yeah, we have talked about that. We've talked about, "How do we think about new IP on new platforms?"

And then, you know... Diablo: Immortal

slate91745d ago

Wonder why they never released WoW on console with m&kb enabled + crossplay?

AK91744d ago

It already changed a long time ago and not for the better.