DailyGame: Resistance 2 Review

DailyGame writes: "Where the Xbox had Halo to thank for its success, the PlayStation 3 had largely one game to thank for its initial burst: Resistance: Fall of Man. The new franchise featured an alternate universe in which WWII never happened, an alien infestation/scourge threatened humanity, and where 40 PS3 owners could go online and fight for individual supremacy. The 40-person multiplayer was unlike any experience to hit a home console before, but even the single-player experience was compelling, although it did open slowly.

Two years later, Resistance 2 has shipped for PS3 with the goal of expanding the original's universe, fixing some of its lingering issues and building upon its success. By and large, Insomniac Games has delivered on these goals: The multiplayer modes now support 60 players. A new co-op campaign lets eight people battle the Chimera while upgrading their characters a la Call of Duty 4. The single-player campaign explores a more diverse landscape. But amid all those improvements, there are still a few missteps."

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