Fat Princess coming 2009, says developer press release

Many of you have been asking us "where is Fat Princess, oh darn it?" Well, looks like it's 2009. First unveiled at E3 this year, the downloadable title earned a lot of buzz (both positive and negative) for its cute, gory, cake-filled concept.

A press release from Epic Games China has officially "announced" the "opening" of Titan Studios, the developer of the upcoming game. There are a few things we're confused by. First, why is Epic Games China opening a studio in Seattle? Last we checked, Seattle wasn't a part of China (unless, that is, the takeover has begun ...). Also, why is the studio being announced now? Maybe that's why Fat Princess is taking so long to develop! The studio wasn't actually official yet!

Titan Studios brings to it developers with experience at companies including Ubisoft, Epic Games, Scion Studios, Blizzard Entertainment and Lionhead Studios. Titan Studios is not only working on Fat Princess, but a number of other Unreal Engine 3 games, including a massively multiplayer online game.

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sonarus3631d ago

Fat princess runs on UE3...i would never have guessed

krouse933631d ago

That was very suprising to me too when i first read the story.