GTA: Vice City - The Best Grand Theft Auto?

KeenGamer: ''GTA: Vice City is arguably the best Grand Theft Auto game. It's my favourite & I want to share why. Through a combination of music, story & gameplay, Rockstar had created a true gem that still manages to trigger memories of first playing the game seventeen years ago. Let's shed some love on one of the best games of the 21st century.''

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LucasRuinedChildhood476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

I love Vice City but gameplay-wise, San Andreas is far, far better. You can free roam and use cheats in San Andreas for hours but VC gets boring much quicker.

San Andreas had:
- more vehicles (harrier jets, planes, monster trucks, quads, combine harvesters, bikes, tractors, trains, etc)
- swimming
- parachutes and skydiving
- new, crazier cheats
- vehicle customization
- character customization (haircuts, tatoos, clothes)
- a much more varied map with urban areas, mountains and the countryside.
- Eating and working out at gyms
- skills/light RPG mechanics like fitness levels and firearm accuracy
- casinos
- more minigames (pool, basketball, etc)
- NPC interactions and reactions
- different melee combat styles
- Gang warfare system
- More detailed building interiors
- House robberies
- more weapons
- It had dildos before Saints Row

Not even close.

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Gaming101475d ago

You're right about everything you listed. Those are all feature related, and the features just grew every game. If features made the game, GTA 5 would be best just because it has the most features. GTA Vice City has the most charm. The characters are super memorable, the music was the best of any game ever from a licensing standpoint, I mean you just can't beat the time period, the Scarface tributes, the hilarious radio talk shows (best ever by far) the voice acting, the dialogue, it was all great. Sure GTA 5 has more of everything, but so what?


My favorite. 3 is a close second then san andreas

nucky64476d ago

absolutely - LOVED vice city back then and always hoped for a remake.

InKnight7s476d ago

Rockstar won't ever remake, either remaster or sequel in same setting with another main character.

Profchaos476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

It's so hard to pick the best GTA each Iteration brings something unique.
But overall my favourite iterations have.been period pieces like vc and SA for the soundtrack and feel and ironically IV is now old enough to be a period piece it's in 2008 there was mobile internet but no one had it the iPhone was only a year old and it sucked which actually makes IV an interesting game to revisit today

But honestly it's all about the music play any GTA on mute an it's a little boring.

nowitzki2004476d ago

Either that or SA. Calling either one the best is fine imo

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