PlayStation Now Subscriptions Start at $9.99 Monthly

Grand Theft Auto V, God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Infamous Second Son comprise a new range of marquee titles available for a limited time.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Its good they're finally competing price wise with xbox game pass.

So question if you have PS now can you play the multiplayer games online without PS Plus?

Edit: Ok checked the faqs you can play the games online without PS Plus, awesome.

Stanjara484d ago

Yes you can. This is a game changer for sure.

KickSpinFilter484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Wait what really?
OK but how about games like COD MW 2019 when they release? They wont be in PSnow but can I play online? I would think not.

himdeel484d ago

I'm going to be that jerk. Great the price has dropped but I want a PS+ PSnow bundle. Yes, I'm crying more waaah!

b163o1484d ago


While your joking, I think $99.99 for a PSNow and PS+ bundle would be sweet...

darthv72484d ago

First step was price, next step is new/er releases. If Sony doesnt want to do day one, then at least within the first month of release. It is said new games make the bulk of their sales within the first couple of weeks. So after the first month it would be cool to put those games on PSNow.

blackbeld484d ago

Psnow should be free if you own psplus. $10 for psnow is still expensive.

UltraNova484d ago

I aint paying a dime more than I already do for Plus.

Obscure_Observer484d ago

God of War? Uncharted 4? Day One releases incomming!

rainslacker484d ago

The free online only applies to games you get through your psnow sub. It doesn't extend to your entire account.

timotim484d ago

"The new marquee games for this period include God of War, Grand Theft Auto V, inFAMOUS Second Son, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End."

What does PS gamers think about some of their biggest games going multiplatform? Think I might sign up to play for a month or two on my PC.

AspiringProGenji483d ago (Edited 483d ago )


I have a PC and I will be the first to welcome PS4 exclusives to PC, but PS Now is not native support. How is that close to being “multiplatform?” No native support is a big NO to PC gamers.

With PS Now on PC you are basically playing a PS4 online. What’s the point if the games won’t run natively on PC? I have a PS4 too and I will just play it there since it will be the most optimal experience (no streaming). Maybe there will be or there are PC gamers subscribed to it, but if I already have a PS4 I don’t see the point of PS Now.

Why would PS4 only gamers worry about this when they will still have the definitive version of games? Also there have been PS4 exclusives already on PS now and we knew they would release exclusives on it eventually. Again, who would wait for 1 year to play a game like GOW at subpar performance on PC?

Lol it’s as if xbox fanboys are desperate to have something against PS4 exclusives, but if you had a PC you would understand there’s no need to be worried about this until Sony exclusives are supported on PC NATIVELY. Until then, you can’t really label them “multiplatform”

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Kribwalker484d ago

it’s only a matter of time now before games start launching on Psnow as well i bet

NarutoFox484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

I bet you can't wait. 😁😁 Btw their exclusive games are not on the service from day 1. Probably going to have to wait 6 months to a year so they can make their profits.

484d ago
gangsta_red484d ago (Edited 484d ago )


Agreed, the start of competitive pricing followed by an incentive to stay.

But it seems that people don't want a deal to play as many games offered for one low price. I would think as a gamer this would be a dream come true.

There seems to be more of a concern for a company making millions. Be a gamer not an accountant.

I personally love a deal and if PSnow can offer the same type of games GP does I may re-subscribe.

NarutoFox484d ago Show
Unspoken484d ago

Of course, Sony is sure to adapt and follow the leaders. If they don't update their business model we'll see another GameStop.

Obscure_Observer484d ago


"I bet you can't wait. 😁😁 Btw their exclusive games are not on the service from day 1. Probably going to have to wait 6 months to a year so they can make their profits."

Which makes those "exclusive" games TIMED exclusive games, right? Less ammo for stupid fanboy narratives. Good! :)

484d ago
rainslacker484d ago

Less ammo huh? Yet your already using it as ammo when it's not even a thing.

I wouldn't want day one on psnow if it changes the quality of their games, or changes their current mantra of not throwing in expensive MT for everything. If they maintained the same quality and expectations for their games and decided to go day one with it, then fair enough. But that's just going to out us back where we are now where some of you guys say how they games arent worth it.

S2Killinit484d ago

We dont want gaas. We dont want microtransaction funded gaming. Keep it on xbox.

Kribwalker484d ago

“We dont want gaas. We dont want microtransaction funded gaming”

But you already have that with lots of sony IPs, including some of their biggest hitters (uncharted, tlou, gtsport mlb) all loaded with MTs and GAAS triggers like login bonuses (gtsport and MLb)

483d ago
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Zeref484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Here goes what? Lol

They need to try a lot harder imo.

All these mega hits are only going to be there for 3 months xD
And these are first party games. If they want to incentive people to subscribe and stay subscribed they need to put all their 1st party games on it indefinitely. If you put your own titles for just 3 months, it just shows you have no faith in your own service.

Why would i stay subscribed if all they're putting on it are bargain bin games? There's like 6 games worth playing on it and even those are bargain bin right now. I can buy all of those except God of War and spend around 60 dollars.

DarXyde484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Zeref has a negative opinion about Playstation.


The internet needs to evolve. There has been a particular lack in quality and innovation when it comes to trolling. The above comment is a testament to that.

484d ago
opc484d ago

I rented Uncharted 3 through Redbox one saturday morning, sat down and played the entire game in one sitting. My point is these single player games are short and easy, if they put all their big games on, I'd blast through them and only pay for one or two months.

I got Game pass for 2 months for $2. In the past week and a half I finished sunset overdrive and gears 4. Gears 5 will be done this weekend. Wolfenstein 2 next week, Tomb raider a couple of weeks after that...after two months I'll cancel.

Stanjara484d ago

Dude, it's 60$ for whole year. You can play multiplayer. You can have this, and buy a game or two of your choice throughout the year.

NarutoFox484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

"Zeref has a negative opinion about Playstation."

Not just Zeref. Playstation is doing fine over 100 million units sold worldwide 😊

frostypants484d ago

@Zeref if they do that (putting heavy hitters on PSNow right at release and indefinitely) PS will end up like Xbox: just barely enough first party AAA titles to keep people on board. To hell with that...I want games and I'll pay for them.

DaDrunkenJester484d ago


But then you'll resubscribe again when The Outer World launches, or Ori 2, or Halo Infinite, or Wasteland 3, or Psychonauts 2.

They want you to keep coming back, and eventually with all their new devs, they want a steady stream of titles that will be launching on the service to keep you subscribed.

Dandizzle484d ago

3 Months? wtf are you talking about. Have you looked at the catalog, it is filled with multiple first party games. In fact it has a section for 1st party games.

Obscure_Observer484d ago


Zeref got a point. Why would people keep paying for PS Now if Sony´s first party games will only be there for a limited time? That´s a valid argument that you couldn´t counter, so, you had no choice but resort to argumentum ad hominem trying to look cool among your peers.

XiNatsuDragnel484d ago


Nii san your drunk, go home and chill with Mavis please instead of being completely anti-PS but I am not surprised by my bro .___.

rainslacker484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Try harder for what? Is MS really threatening them in terms of market share? Sony isnt only invested in services the way MS is. Maybe that'll change, but for now, they still hold the console as a pretty important part of their success.

The yearly sub was always cheaper than the monthly sub from game pass

483d ago
GTgamer483d ago

We at Playstation don't mind paying $60 for amazing ips if it means supporting the devs so we keep getting even more amazing ips. Why is that so hard for you guys to grasp 🙄 you really think that Sony spent all that money to create games like last of us 2 just to throw it on a 10 service 😂😂😂 28514;😂 Microsoft had no choice because their ips weren't even selling. So stop acting like gamepass was created because MS was doing so well 😒.

twiggytree12483d ago

Zeref, the most uninformed person on n4g.

DarXyde483d ago


Didn't realize I was expected to give blatant trolling a thoughtful response...but sure, I'll do just that.

"Zeref got a point. Why would people keep paying for PS Now if Sony´s first party games will only be there for a limited time?"

Because they're not the only games on the service, the entry fee is lower, the service provides access to content that is rare or otherwise incompatible with PS4 (i.e., PS3 and PS2 titles), and allows for access to titles for people without a PlayStation? Honestly, that's such a vapid argument, and your assessment of that point being valid suggests to me that you have not placed much thought into your defense at all.

"That´s a valid argument that you couldn´t counter, so, you had no choice but resort to argumentum ad hominem trying to look cool among your peers."

As you white knight for yours...

Tell me, where did I attack Zeref? My comment was, verbatim, as follows:

"Zeref has a negative opinion about Playstation.


The internet needs to evolve. There has been a particular lack in quality and innovation when it comes to trolling. The above comment is a testament to that."

Let me break this down for you...

"Zeref has a negative opinion about Playstation. Shocker."

I am clearly talking about Zeref's behavior with regard to anything related to PlayStation, which is consistently pinned with a negative framing. Don't see the personal attack here; I point something out that is (a) common, (b) predictable, and (c) behavioral in nature. At no point do I say anything indicating that was a personal attack.

Next point:

"The internet needs to evolve. There has been a particular lack in quality and innovation when it comes to trolling. The above comment is a testament to that."

My comment paints the bad behavior of trolling online with a broad stroke first, then focuses on the example of Zeref's comment to highlight why trolling online is stale and predictable. I didn't outright label anyone a troll or personally attack them - you drew that conclusion on your own.

You played yourself. Good show.

Oh, and about this...

"you had no choice but resort to argumentum ad hominem trying to look cool among your peers."

Two things:

1. I did have a choice. I could have just ignored Zeref for making such a poor argument and I could have given a thoughtful response. Giving a quick response that acknowledges how asinine their argument is is my compromise between the two (and is, in fact, my third choice).

2. I don't care to look cool. I don't need validation from strangers. I have agreements and disagreements with most people on this site often enough that it's a wash regarding how others view me or my positions on things. I do not know how I am viewed by others, but it's not my concern either. Please, spare me your projections and dreams of acceptance. Don't want it, don't need it.

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DaDrunkenJester484d ago

They are also adding GoW and UC4 to it which is great. With this new price point I'll start subbing for some games I don't want to pay full price for like Days Gone.

Quick question for anyone more knowledgeable on PSNow. Since Now is on PC, and Now now allows native downloading, can you download on PC or is PC still only streaming? I've only ever used Now when I first got my PS4 and haven't used it since they moved to PC.

Stanjara484d ago

PC is streaming only - cause there is no native hardware to run them on a PC. Also you can only download Ps4 and ps2 titles to your Ps4.

DaDrunkenJester484d ago


Thanks, I kinda figured so haha I don't really plan on using PC for it anyway, but figured I'd ask.

Zarock484d ago

It’s not available In all stores yet.

NarutoFox483d ago

would still rather buy the games out right.....i dont want always on.....i want to be able to play with no internet....if they can make money giving you access to over a 100 games for 10 bucks a month they could sell the games for 20 bucks each and still be fine.....

Kribwalker483d ago

Well if Jim Ryan is the man to take over, expect PSnow to really start growing as he really wants to push cloud gaming
“Another key point that Ryan has wanted to build around is cloud gaming. In June, speaking with the Financial Times, he said it was “really going to start to push” its cloud service PlayStation Now “hard this year and in years to follow” after the service sputtered out of the gates and with increasing competition from Google Stadia, Microsoft’s Project xCloud, and even other subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass.”

prepare for a battle of the services

RangerWalk267483d ago

Honestly, they didn't really have a choice.

Kavorklestein483d ago

About time PS Now became affordable.

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StarLink484d ago

Oh so they are doing the same thing as gamepass adding and taking out games. I hate that but I understand why they do it.

isarai484d ago

They've always had games coming and going, but there's always more goin in than out.

BiggCMan484d ago

Incorrect. PlayStation Now kept every game on the service. There was a few rare circumstances where some games had to be removed due to some unknown issues. But the library has been growing and growing since inception. That's why they keep saying the library is at whatever number they say every few months. Last time they said it was around 800 I think. Before that was like 650 or something etc. They never removed games, and I know for certain because I was just subbed to it for the last year and loved it. This new concept will only be removing the biggest of games every 3 months like they explained, like GTAV and God of War for instance. And they will be replaced with more massive titles for a few months as well. But permanent games will still be added just like usual.

isarai484d ago

Says im incorrect, contues to say they do indeed take games off...

gravedigger484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

According to wiki, these are removed games

Well, much, much less than on Gamepass.

BiggCMan484d ago

Well, it's okay to be illiterate I suppose. You very clearly just did not fully interpret what I said. What your original comment said was indeed wrong information. Games did not come and go. They came and stayed on the service, this is a fact. As of now with this new concept, they will be adding major titles to the service, presumably that are more recent that what they added in the past. But these specific titles will only stay for 3 months before a batch of major new titles will replace them for the next 3 months. The service will keep getting monthly permanent games added to it as they explain. Please read more carefully.

isarai484d ago (Edited 484d ago )


I'm illiterate? Nothing i said was false, they have games come and go, games come in, and sometimes they're taken off, you even said so yourself. I didnt specify how frequently, yet you are speaking as if i said they are often taken off. All i said is they they are taken off, every so iften they post a "games leaving psnow/last chance" type video or blog post about games leaving. Is that not games leaving? Am i wrong? No im not. I just wasn't specific.


RIGHT! And thats all im saying is that games are in fact removed and added, I.E. "coming and going" yet this guy wants to start an argument over some assumptions he worked up in his head.

484d ago
1-pwnsause-1483d ago

yea, they removed Final Fantasy XIII from there....dont understand why...Must be square enix....

My PS3 save game was still in the cloud, so i tried to play it through PS Now, lost interest, wanted to go back to it, but its not there anymore...

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Zeref484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

These titles are only going to be there for 3 months. They finally get a few good titles besides Bloodborne and Last of Us 1(A PS3 game) and ithey're only going to be there for 3 months lol. 3 of them are 1st party games.
That's weak as hell and greedy.
Xbox 1st parties stay forever. the shortest a 3rd party game has stayed in gamepass is 6 months. Some of them even come back after they've been removed. Like Metal Gear 5.
And GamePass gets games at launch from both 3rd parties and 1st party.

At least i get to play God of War now

Muzikguy484d ago

Over 800 games are available to play for a measly $10. Who's the one being greedy?

484d ago
484d ago
rainslacker484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

They've always done that. Some stay quite a while, others get taken down after a few months. Been like that since day one. The games taken down are far less frequent though, and it's not reported on every month like it is for game pass. When I was in the trial, I remember getting emails about what games were leaving each month, and I believe they have a leaving soon section

UltraNova483d ago

Gamepass follows the pioneer's model, Netflix. Its only natural everyone interested in such a service will follow established "rules". Guys don't get you panties in a bunch over nothing.

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harmny484d ago

Much worse than gamepass but I bet n4g disagrees

milohighclub484d ago

Yet much more sustainable than gamepass.

Zeref484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

You need to invest in a service if you want people to use your service. If you're not gonna put everything you got behind it. You're just throwing away money because people aren't going to be incentivized to stay subscribed or subscribe at all. And Right now, i don't see this attracting many people.

Also, people seem to forget that Xbox is now backed by the whole of Microsoft(the most valuable company in the world). They have access to more resources than they've ever had before.
They can afford to invest in GamePass until it becomes profitable. Netflix didn't become profitable until a few years ago.

milohighclub484d ago

Just cos they have the resources doesnt mean they are gonna continue sinking money into a burning ship. They're losing money on consoles, losing on games and losing money on their streaming services. It's only a matter of time before they pull the plug and I recon next gen will be the last one before they focus solely on publishing.

SixEye483d ago

I hope your joking right, PSnow is streaming games while gamepass you download them how is it more sustainable then gamepass. I know you may be a sony ps fan which is fine but no need to act stupid m8.

BiggCMan484d ago

It's only slightly worse because the biggest of their exclusive games are not on the service from day 1. The service still has a library of a permanent 800 or so games that is growing every month. And it's quite obvious why their biggest exclusives are not there on day 1. They are constantly selling 5 to 10 million copies of these games like Horizon, Spider-Man, God of War etc. They would be shooting themselves in the foot if they did this. Microsoft does it with their games because they essentially have to so they can get people interested in a number of things. Number 1 is to actually get them to buy the console. Number 2 is to get them to actually try out more games, which leads to number 3 which is getting them to buy Gamepass. They have to practically give it all away because they are in bad shape this generation. It is turning them into what seems to be the better consumer option for sure, that is undeniable. But don't be fooled, they will flip around to doing arrogant things if they can ever manage to get back on top. All companies do the same thing, it is psychological consumer experimentation. Sony did the same thing with PS3. They came out of the gates with 600 dollars, saying you will buy this. Fucked up and rebranded PS3 in 2009 into the best option. Whereas Microsoft killed it with 360 being the friendlier and more feature heavy console for a while. Then it got to their head with things like Kinect and trying to go after the Wii market. Then came the notorious Xbox One announcement problems due to arrogance of being on top. And that was such a drastic mistake that they are still feeling it to this day and are trying every desperate option they have which makes sense. It's the only thing they can do. The moral here is, stop believing companies care about you. Whether it's Microsoft or Sony, they do not. They want money. Sony is getting that money because they are doing things gamers want, making games that people want to play, and they are actually buying the console and those games to play for it. Microsoft is coming around but it will take some years before those studio purchases really pan out for them. Next gen will be a very fun one to watch.

NarutoFox484d ago (Edited 484d ago )


That's going to change next year. I expect it to be higher than 720p. Let me introduce you to the PS5 😊

rob-GP484d ago

@LarrySweet - 72p is only if you'restreaming the games. The vast majority of the PS3 games are a native 720p anyway, so there's no issues with that. Remember, most of the BC titles on the Xbox One and the X are under 720p...

The PS4 games can be downloaded on the PS4 and ran at much higher resolutions.

Kribwalker484d ago

“That's going to change next year. I expect it to be higher than 720p. Let me introduce you to the PS5 😊”

I agree the streaming will get higher than 720p once they switch over to using the Azure Cloud for their services. At that point i’ll not need a playstation anymore and will be able to run their games on my potato of a PC 😎 Sounds like a win

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umair_s51484d ago

It's good value, I don't care if it's better or worst. It's a cheap way to play blockbuster games and classic ps 2 and PS3 titles