Looking Back To 2014 and Forza Horizon 2

Paul writes: "Forza Horizon 2 then, a game from 2014 - a game that still stands up today"

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xRacer74x1217d ago

Would love to see a PC port of this game Forza 3 and 4 are just gorgeous on XBOX but Jaw dropping on PC.

ilikestuff1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I remember when gran turismo was the driving sim king, I miss those days, I played the crap out of gt1, took me forever to get enough credits to get that viper, gt2 brought those muscle cars! Gt3 was a banger, gt4 was the downfall in my opinion, it was like they half assed the game, I think at one point they scanned a model car and used the bottom of it for the bottom of a car on their game. They gave up the crown and dont seem to care. Man though, gt1,2, and 3 were great.

sizeofyou1216d ago

Seriously even comparing FH to GT? 🤔

sampsonon1217d ago

not like DC does. they were 10 yrs ahead of their time.

but FH2 was pretty good as well.

ilikestuff1217d ago

Awesome video, those weather effects are nuts. I know that game didn’t start off to good but they should’ve gave them one more chance before they got shit down. Loved motorstorm

sampsonon1216d ago

i made sure i bought it before they de listed it from the ps store. those graphics are still one of the best this gen. and the best when it comes to realism. it looks soo real sometimes.

ramiuk11217d ago

i was blown away by driveclub ,infact still am tbh...
the rain !!!!!!!!!

porkChop1217d ago

DriveClub had some really impressive weather effects. It's a shame they didn't get another shot.

spicelicka1216d ago

Graphically that's true DC is the best looking racing game ever, but the article isn't talking about graphics only. Game design and gameplay in FH2 was miles ahead and has consistently improved with each iteration.

sampsonon1216d ago

they are saying it still holds up. to me that's a graphical thing. but if they think the open world car games are is the thing that makes a racing game hold up then The Crew is the winner.

in 10 yrs you can show DC and people will still think it's one of the best looking games.

but i get your point.

xRacer74x1216d ago

Just think if DC did not have prerendered backgrounds and the narrowest roads of any game i had played in a long time and it felt like it was on rails. DC was subpar and it cost the studio their jobs.

sampsonon1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

first of all the studio was shut down because of the launch of the game and all the free dlc they had to give away because of it. not the game itself.
pre-rendered backgrounds? lol thanks i needed that laugh.

"Just think if DC did not have prerendered backgrounds and the narrowest roads of any game i had played in a long time and it felt like it was on rails."

that's called a racetrack dumb dumb :)

FH2 had some of the worst graphics in a racer so of course you could have an open world. too bad the crew did a better job than FH2 and still does when it comes to open world racing.

xRacer74x1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

@sampsonon Except Genius(Intended Irony) not all the tracks were race tracks. And No feeling like the game is on rails does not mean its a race track either. DC was a subpar racing game. I really enjoyed the invisible barriers when you drove on the burm too. Forza was such a better game but that does not need to be said its why the studio is still making games and the other was FIRED. I get it though its not like on the PS4 their is a great arcade first party racing game. So you do not know any better.

sampsonon1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

@xRacer74x they were race tracks, just not off road tracks.
sub par my ass. Like i said sony only disbanded the company because of the bad launch. they also have GT so they could afford to close the company.

FH2 looked like shit and still does compared to the superior graphocs of DC. even 3 looks shit compared to DC.
One game was using tracks and the other was an open world. one looked way better and the other one allowed you to "REWIND" HAHA! when you race = garbage.

Forza Horizon is a fun game, don't get me wrong. but it was lacking in so many places compared to DC.

spicelicka1216d ago

I don't think simply being open world makes a game hold up, there were plenty of things FH2 did so well. IMO it did many things better than the Crew, which is why it's rated so much higher as well. Better graphics than the crew, the multiplayer was amazing with FM drivatar tech, and the handling of car just feels better than any arcade racer given the variety. The soundtrack is still my favourite.

Imortus_san1216d ago

LMAO, all the people that add no internet sucked balls since the phisical edition did not had those effects.

Forza Horizon 2 metacritic = 86 user 83

Drive Club metacritic = 71 user = 63

There is no real comparation, Drive CLub floped and the company went down while Forza Horizon 2 triumphed.

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3-4-51216d ago

* I've still yet to beat the game and haven't bought FH3 or FH4 because I still have stuff to do in FH2....I just haven't played in a while. It's an awesome game and yes it still is just as good now as when it originally released.