Xbox Game Studios Game Performs Better on Switch Than Xbox One

Game director reveals that the Nintendo Switch port of an Xbox Game Studios game runs better than other versions.

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slavish01224d ago

If a game runs better on weaker hardware then wouldn't that be on the devs?🤔

spartan112g1224d ago

Read the article. 🤷🏾‍♂️

mikeslemonade1224d ago

It’s still not better. One is inferior resolution while on PC it’s 4k

Neonridr1224d ago

it has nothing to do with performance. Read first, then comment.

mamotte1224d ago

If you can write, why can't you read first?

super_bruno1224d ago

Clickbait title for FTW!!

rainslacker1224d ago

I kind of have a hard time taking articles like this since I've seen so many claims about this, despite the only reason they really claim it is because of portability, or it's from an old game.

But in many cases, yes. Mostly because they dont optimize or they overshoot their expectations with the design. Sometimes it's the hardware, but not often

BrainSyphoned1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Since everyone said read the article to you let me clip it out.

“Mahler credits this to the optimizations that have been done for the Ori Switch port.”

With or without reading the clickbait titled article slavish0 got it exactly right that it’s on the devs so why waste time reading it?

And it only took them ten years (FFXIV) to do it. “Mahler pointed out that the team at Moon Studios has been working on Ori for about a decade now, and so they have been able to improve on it with its re-releases and the like.“

Maybe try this title:
Ori updated by devs to run 60fps on Switch. Will developers share the love to previous owners?

Then the article can add:
After reaching out to devs they said ........ about a free update to the first title before the release second game.

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Jin_Sakai1224d ago

No only that they probably sell better also. Xbox should just go 3rd party and be done with it.

UltraNova1224d ago

Then what would be the point of having an xbox console, if everything MS offers can be experienced elsewhere?

Jin_Sakai1224d ago

That’s something you need to ask Microsoft because that’s where they’re headed.

ABizzel11224d ago

I kind of think that was his point.

That being said, if they did go 3rd party, then the point of their console would be to bridge the gap between PC gaming and console gaming, as long as they treat their console more like a PC by allowing it to basically be a laptop/desktop hybrid.

MS needs to be the go-to hardware for budget PC gamers. If they want to be successful they need to present the case of why buy a low-end or budget gaming PC for $300 - $500, when you can get a Xbox for $499 that outperforms that budget PC (besides maybe a $500 used PC), that has GamePass, MS Office, Minecraft RayTracing, and more built-in, while still letting you access your favorite PC apps like Steam, Epic store, etc... And for those of you who are console gamers, you still get the simple to use and navigate console-like OS.

That's a direction they can own and hands down dominate. The steam machine failed because there were too many of them from too many different manufacturers, but here we are 5 years later, MS already has a multi-million following with Xbox console gamers, and over 80% of PC gamers use GPUs that are on par or below the Xbox-X performance currently (according to steam survey), so those PC gamers have a choice of more performance than what their budgets could normally afford, or spend $100 - $200 less for much less performance, but the comfort of a traditional PC (modding etc...).

With 90m steam users confirmed at the beginning of this year, that a total of 72m PC gamers MS could target to join their Xbox family, and even getting 1/5 of that audience which is a much more likely starting point in a perfect world, that adds an additional 14.4m users to the Xbox user base which is a huge boost to Xbox sales.

MS needs to get out of the traditional console race (like Nintendo did with the Switch), and do something they can be different at in order to capitalize on profits and market with no competitor.

shuvam091224d ago

You get the games for $60 on other platforms...
On XB, $150 gets you everything for a year from XBGS...

UltraNova1224d ago


What you are describing is an Nvidia shield/steam machine... I could see it work but we already have two failed examples...

ILostMyMind1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

What is the point of having an xbox now?

TheEroica1224d ago

Microsoft doesn't care about their console, they care about their service.... The service is the key. Consoles don't make them money, buying games and accessories does. Therefore they (ps4, Nintendo, Xbox) don't look at the console as the profit driving part of their business..

1224d ago
SixEye1223d ago

MS already confirmed going forward not other platforms thts not MS platform would never have xbox exclusives, I guess they learned fast from this mistakes.

1223d ago
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Lon3wolf1224d ago

Maybe read the whole article as to why this came about:

Moon Studios has been working on Ori for about a decade now, and so they have been able to improve on it with its re-releases and the like. Furthermore, optimizations that were done for the upcoming sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, were able to be applied to the Switch version of the game.

Ausbo1224d ago

Actually, you’re supposed to only read the headline and then comment on what you see.

indysurfn1223d ago

@Ausbo I think those two disagrees did not get your sarcasm......Because I think the other 33(agrees) are snickering out loud!

DJStotty1224d ago

@Jin that is not going to happen, its a Sony fanboys wet dream.

Competition is good for the industry, it creates innovation and improvements.

If there is only 1 console manufacturer, there would be no need to release new hardware.

Jin_Sakai1224d ago

“its a Sony fanboys wet dream.”

I’m sure PlayStation fans are dying to have Microsoft’s mediocre exclusives. Smh.

DJStotty1224d ago

no but they are dying to see Microsoft fail, i do not know why, i do not want any of the 3 to fail

1224d ago
Jin_Sakai1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


“Implying that you would ne happy playing Halo or Forza on your condole of choice. But then in a later comment you say:”

"I’m sure PlayStation fans are dying to have Microsoft’s mediocre exclusives. Smh"

“Implying that you don't want any of Microsofts exclusives.”

“That's almost as fast a 180 as Microsoft spate of 180s from a few years back.“

That’s because I’m speaking in general and not for myself. It’s not that hard to figure that out.

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Zeref1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

"Xbox should go 3rd party"

"nobody wants Xbox's mediocre exclusives"

Pick one.

Saranya1224d ago

@Jin_Sakai Your comment its sound like you want to play an Xbox games but, don't want to buy Xbox lol.

Donnie811224d ago

in the future xcloud will be running a PlayStation app because in a streaming world Sony can’t compete with ms or googles server farms. I hope n4g is around then so I can laugh at the likes of you

AngelicIceDiamond1224d ago

This article came out not even a week ago and N4g and you already forgot, lucky for you I'm here to correct you .

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AK911224d ago

So why weren't there any updates to the XB1 and PC versions then?

spartan112g1224d ago

Too busy working on the sequel that comes out in February I guess.

alb18991224d ago

Because no one is playing it on the Xbox. It is an old game and they know that could sell very well on switch.
I don't see any reason to even make a discussion about it but whatever makes you sleep at night.

1224d ago
alb18991224d ago

Shaggy it is an old game. It is a wonderful game but it is old alrady.

Tedakin1224d ago

It's a 4 year old game on Xbox... No one is playing it now.

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