Square Enix Updates 2009 Q1 Lineup

LOS ANGELES, Nov 11, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix(R) interactive entertainment products in North America, announced an updated lineup for the first quarter of 2009 today.

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3656d ago

When is SE going to start showing some love for ps3. They claim to support both wii, 360, and ps3 - so, where's the love for the ps3?

i am the truth3655d ago

I dont like square any more.I hate game companys that screw up a game because of money.If ms did not do what they did i can assure u that FF13 will be coming out either this christmas or early next year, but now its multi plat they have to downgrade it and delay it.Square can go suck a d1ck (-_-)

wicked3655d ago

@1.1 do you have any proof that it has been downgraded or delayed because of the 360? Or are you just in love with Sony?

NaiNaiNai3655d ago

not trying to be serious here.
what if they put it on the 360 because the ps3 couldn't handle the FF13 graphics so the put it on the 360 so it would take the blame.

versus doesn't look as good as 13 does. it looks great only because of the grittiness to it.

but this was just something i was bored and thought of. you know like the killzone 2 trailer.

Tomdc3655d ago

Square enix was struggling with the cost of making final fantasy 13, thats why they made the game multi-platform. So they could make a profit on it.

People like you always make generalisations! (you see what I did there ;) )

Your wrong about it taking longer now too, since they went multiplatform they have put more man power behind it since they have more incentive. It won't make any differance to quality of game since it is being ported from PS3 to 360.

Square-enix is a business, not a fanboy. There decisions are based on logic... which is more than I can say for you... =P

theKiller3655d ago

what a bunch of liers!

thank u MS again for screwing up PS3 fans, they could have got the game after it is done on ps3 but no they want it to be date and hour in the same time so they gave SE an extra money for that.....

so sad how SE became, yes money is very important but is it more important then losing fans and losing quality games????

thats why i hate MS in the gaming industry, they only ruin ps3 fans experience and with their limited hardware, and the reason i hate their OS is because i have to restart it on daily bases in order to work properly and i have to format it every couple of months and always crashes

pavarotti3655d ago

open zone ---------->

from the heart rant of a know nothing fanboy. n4g at it's best.

it's gotta be said that i'm not looking at buying any SE games in the near future.

Aclay3655d ago

Maybe one day SquareEnix will wake up and release a JRPG on the PS3 so they can actually make some damn money.... They still haven't announced a date for the PS3 version of The Last Remnant.

I don't know what the heck is up with Square's growing relationship with Microsoft, but their games will always sell more on the Sony and Nintendo platform, and those are the platforms they should focus on the most.

DiabloRising3655d ago

Aside from all this "one system is holding back the other" nonsense... the fact is FFXIII has to be released some time. And soonish. Which means I'm sure their intended dev schedule will be truncated now, due to dual platform development. THere is only so much time, money, and manpower that will be put into this game. Things WILL be cut due to scheduling conflicts, I guarantee it. And that disappoints me.

Also, the thing that irks me most is not that its multiplatform, as more gamers get to enjoy it. No, its Square Enix's insistence on HOLDING BACK THE US RELEASE OF THE PS3 EDITION until they are finished with the 360 port as well. That right there annoys me more than anything.

As for Last Remnant... I don't think it will be ready in time. Did you see the vids on Kotaku? YOu can see whole models loading, let alone textures. It looks sloppy and slow, and I'm utterly disappointed. And this is the 360 edition of a U3 game! The PS3 version will probably be butchered in comparison.

Foxgod3655d ago

Do you have proof that SE is holding back the FF13 release of the PS3 because of the 360 ?

The white engine is build for both consoles, and who knows its so flexible that FF13 can be ported in less then a month to the 360.

So unless you have a source that states that SE claims they are holding it back, you are just trolling.

locos853655d ago

If Square-Enix is really in this for money and that is the only reason that FF13 went multi-plat.... why isn't Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean 4 multi-plat games????? Also why are they taking forever in announcing The Last Remnant for the PS3 (if they are doing one at all)?
If it was business sense for FF13 what's up their they business sense in these games???? I have both platforms but I clearly prefer my RPG's on the PS3. I don't think the 360 does any justice to them.

green3655d ago

Because the IP infinite Undiscovery is owned by microsoft.

Microsoft was supposed to publish the game but instead gave the publishing rights to Square-enix,hence the start of their relationship.Star Ocean 4 i believe will be a timed exclusive.

Sarcasm3655d ago

"Do you have proof that SE is holding back the FF13 release of the PS3 because of the 360?"

Because SE said it themselves that FFXIII for the 360 will not be started on until the Japanese Version is complete. Then it goes into localization for the U.S. version, which most likely won't take as long as porting the entire game for the 360.

So it's a f'in no brainer and doesn't take a damn genius to figure out that the U.S. PS3 version will be held until the 360 version is done.

AAACE53655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

It seems like SE feels that all games for Ps3 have to be graphically superior, and use the Ps3's power! So it may be a bit longer before you hear about more Ps3 games from SE. They are already working on FFXIII and and Versus, so they do have games coming to the Ps3. But it's just the fact that they have to pack so much into a Ps3 game that you may not hear alot as quick as you want to!

Don't worry though... Great games are coming your way!

@ Below... I think FFXIII will release about May or June in Japan like MGS 4 did, and will release Oct. or Nov. for U.S. and Euro! SE needs to start making some money and can't sit on this game for that much longer. They are probably further along than some would believe, but want to focus on finishing the game!

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jkhan3656d ago

Still no sign of FF-XIII.

Noctis Lucis Caelum3656d ago

This is for Q1. We won't see FFXIII till late 09 or earlier 10.

Fox013656d ago

Yep. Don't Expect FFXIII till late 09 in Japan and somewhere in 2010 for the rest of the world.

usin4203655d ago

Still no sign of a release date for last remnant on ps3 either, what the hell SE?

i am the truth3655d ago

No im not in love with sony and im not a fan boy either(read my profile) FF13 was almost finished before it was multiplat,and i can remember a couple of months ago they was news that had proof that it was delayed for the 360 and it was going to be downgraded because the 360 can match the ps3 graphics.(i dont have the link)it was a long time ago that news came up,around summer time.

Tomdc3655d ago

it will come in in japan before america and the american and european versions will come about 9 months after that. It might come to Japan quarter 1

theKiller3655d ago

screwed up big time this time!!

they were on schedule to release the game on december in japan and later on in NA and europe, but now the game is nowhere to be seen!

for SE own sake i hope MS payed them THAT much to make up the losses!
i bet that FF13 wont be even exclusive in japan by the time of release!

and for SE own sake i hope they really deliver a master peace that no game to date made a master peace like it and it is multiplatform!

i really hope they dont downgrade the ps3 version, if they do that u could say the game will not have half the sales of FF7 or FF10 since both were first in their generations!

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Spike473656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

it has something to do with FF13 being on the xbox360 now. I think SE doesn't want to release the PS3 version one year and then release a crappy xbox360 port the next year. Either way I bet the devs don't have that same image of ff13 with the PS3 intact.

Noctis Lucis Caelum3656d ago

Then why not delay last remnant like they are doing with FFXIII?

Foxgod3655d ago

They are not holding back FF13
The game is simply not done yet, SE always has long dev times, and in this case they are even slower then usually.

When it comes to Last remnant, that game is delayed as well, because it uses the Unreal engine, and the unreal engine is hard to get running on the PS3, on the 360 however these problems dont exist.

Spike473655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I think the gap in release date is bigger for FF13 on the PS3 and xbox360 so I guess they are holding out on the PS3 version so that it won't crush the xbox360 version in sales. Either way a paycheck is involved

SE should be grateful that the smaller JRPG developers haven't hit their stride because they would have a big problem.

Noctis Lucis Caelum3655d ago

I agree with microsoft paycheck being invovle.

Daver3655d ago

You cant have Microsoft in a sentence without paycheck going with

Foxgod3655d ago

At 4.1 and 4.2

Could you show proof that MS payed for exclusivity ?, and i want a direct source that states it.

If you dont have a source youre just trolling.
Only thing MS payed for so far is Exclusive DLC for GTAIV, but it has been stated this has been for the development of the DLC (about 25M for developing each DLC, which is quite normal for two big Addons).

Its obvious the DLC didnt go to the PS3, it would have if Sony would have payed halve of the development costs.

Daver3655d ago


wake up man.. stop your blindness, Microsoft pay for everything its how they work, you like it or not thats what they do
I dont mind about what they do with their money tho, good for them if it make them profit.
Oh and they paid for fallout 3 dlc, ff13 has a big check involved too (dont try to avoid it)probably star ocean too for being timed exclusive

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richierich3655d ago

Square Enix seem to be milking their NintendoDS games quite a lot

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