The PlayStation Hits Lineup Expands this Fall

God of War, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Gran Turismo Sport, and more, available at a great new price starting October 4.

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Nyxus321d ago

Some good additions there.

ocelot07321d ago

Surprised God Of War is one of them. Considering most places still charge £30 new for it. Since it's a hits game now should only be £15-£20.

Imortus_san321d ago

LOL, GT Sport was already 19.99 in promos before it even made 6 months on the market.

sampsonon320d ago

great game. not for arcade people that like games like Forza.

Imortus_san320d ago

Keep dreaming about it, game is a total deception.

sampsonon319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

@Imortus_san: "Keep dreaming about it" I don't need to dream, i own the game.

there is no rewind feature. the game is meant for people that want a simulated experience.
they have not charged for anything but the purchase of the game.

"game is a total deception." lol how so? :)

FallenAngel1984321d ago

Why isn’t Tales of Berseria on this? It’s already 20£ in Europe yet it’s still $60 in North America

phoenixwing321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

@Fallen not to pour salt in the wound but Tales of Berseria is probably my second fav. tales of game out of the ones i've played just for the badass characters. I just pretend tales of zestiria doesn't exist. lol

FallenAngel1984321d ago

I already got Tales of Berseria on sale at $30 and I enjoyed it

I’m just saying it’d be easier for other people to enjoy this at a budget price.

ToZ is great and it’s interesting to see the various ways certain plot elements tie in with its prequel

SixEye321d ago

Great think I'll get God of war ^^,

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