Is It Time to Hold Activision Accountable For Exploiting Gamers?

Activision is currently under a mountain of scrutiny after it was revealed yesterday that the Spec Ops sub-mode ‘Survival’ returning to Modern Warfare will be exclusively available for PS4 for an entire year. It is also rumored that loot boxes will contain weapons. Is it time to hold Activision accountable?

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gangsta_red315d ago

If EA gets called out for every little minor detail then Activision should too.

Atom666314d ago

My theory:

Their practices are so bad that they've transended to a level where people can't even fully grasp their extent.

It's quite impressive.

Kribwalker314d ago

i would agree with your theory lol

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indysurfn313d ago

except I would not call EA's actions 'every little, or minor'.

xTonyMontana313d ago

The key difference though is that Activision are more subtle about it usually while EA have always been more in your face shameless in their greed. This time around though is clearly different and Activision should be put on blast, a whole year's exclusive access to a mode in a yearly franchise where the current game will become irrelevant to the majority of COD fans by the time it's released on the other formats? That's taking exclusive deals waaaaay too far. Destiny was bad too but at the very least the game had a three year lifespan.

2pacalypsenow315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


These things are getting out of control.

But at the end of the day, this game will still sell millions.

nowitzki2004313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

It's time to call out gamers for allowing themselves to be exploited

TheOptimist315d ago

It is high time the 'casual' gamers are called out on their lack of sensibilities and awareness.

BenRC01314d ago

These "casual" gamers are what keeps the industry afloat. You are a minority no one cares about.

TheOptimist314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

I don't pride the fact that idiots are keeping industry afloat, nor do I want idiots caring about the me, I don't think they can even care for anything. Lack of empathy is another concept that you shouldn't be proud of. But oh well.

Chexs1990314d ago

They doesn't keep it "afloat". They sustain the current scale of the industry.
An industry which also did just fine 10-15 years ago without them, albeit on a smaller scale.
The consumer audience you're referring to, are the prime reason that some companies have embraced this idea of unfiltered growth through predatory game designs

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annoyedgamer315d ago

The state of gaming. All the publishers are doing it now.

EDKICK313d ago

Pay to win loot boxes and game modes with exclusivity periods literally outlasting the life cycle of the game...

Not sure everyone is quite doing that but ok...

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