Should Sony Make Sunset Overdrive 2?

Considering that the Sunset Overdrive IP is now owned by Sony, it's possible that the gaming giant makes a sequel, but the question is: should it?

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27d ago
Parasidious27d ago

The game has no following on PS and honestly it's a mediocre game at best. If anything they should release a port on PS+ and see how the engagement is first.

NiteX27d ago

You should play it dude. It's very fun and refreshing for this gen.

Parasidious27d ago

@NiteX I played it when they brought it to PC. It's ok. Not something I'd play again.

The Wood27d ago

They can improve the game. . Think uncharted 1 vs 2. The potential is there

poleerollee27d ago

if they make part 2 lots of xbox owners will make the jump and get a ps4.

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Atom66627d ago

I wouldn't hate it, but I think they'd do better with Spiderman 2, a new Ratchet, and maybe a new Resistance first. By the time those hit, they'll probably be 10+ years past SO's original release.

Maybe then it'll be a good idea, but then I'd prefer ANOTHER Spiderman and Ratchet game after that myself...

darthv7227d ago

spiderman is a given but before they were tapped to work on the first, they were wanting to find a pub for SSOD2. so I would think that is just on the back burner.

DVAcme27d ago

I'd kill for a new Resistance.

darthv7227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I would LOVE it, but I can see where fans of games like R&C and Resistance would clamor for another entry but you have to look at the context. There have been 13 R&C games (mainline & spin offs) and maybe not all were made by IG but they are all based on characters created by IG. Resistance has 5 games under it's belt as well (mainline & spin offs). IG wanted to make SSOD because it was a break from the series they have been working on for so long. They had lots of fun making it as well and you can see there are several influences from other games that went into this one.

It deserves more respect than people give it. The game is fun AF and I really hope Sony sees that.

badz14927d ago

Yeah. I bought it launch day on Steam for $30 and it's something fresh. I hope Sony make a sequel but also release the 1st one too for cheap or packed-in. Would be awesome

rainslacker27d ago

I could think of other games I'd rather Insomniac make, or maybe a new IP. SSoD is not a bad game, just nothing really special. I think this notion that a game has to get a sequel is flawed. If Insomniac wants to make it, and Sony lets them, then fair enough, go for it. If not, then no biggie.

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bishup2527d ago

I feel like Saints Row would be the game to look forward to.
it has pretty much the same content plus being able to drive vehicles.

Tech527d ago (Edited 27d ago )

agree. you can pick them both up on steam with spare change and complete them both on spare time.
whichever way you play them. by the time you finish Sunset you'll be thinking saints row. you'll find the only thing setting them apart are the visuals. Saints Row though offers more outfits, three times the amount of body slider options, plus vehicles and customization.

FishTank27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Sunset is a classic but it's not much different than Saints Row 4. they honestly feel like they lead into one another.
so i would instead just ask Volition for more Saints games.

StormLegend28d ago

That and a port of the first one

PhoenixUp28d ago

It’d be a shame if this now PlayStation IP never actually arrived on a PlayStation platform

shaggy230327d ago

It really wouldn't.

I've played it on my Xbox One, it's ok but not a patch on Spiderman.

LoveSpuds27d ago

Not being 'as good as Spiderman' hardly seems like a reason not to release the game. If we applied that rationale wholesale, most games would never see a release on PS4.

I thought the game was great fun, not as good as Spidey, but still a damn fine game.

shaggy230327d ago (Edited 27d ago )


If Sunset Overdrive was made by anybody else I would agree with you, but it was made by the same people that made Spiderman.

Also Sunset Overdrive didnt sell that great (if it had Microsoft would have tried to get a sequel made)

Why try and get an average game made by Insomniac when Sony could get the team to work on something much much better?

Cmv3827d ago

Starting to get annoyed by Sony fans. Why shouldn't we want a sequel? Spiderman is a given, but making sunset drive better in a sequel... what's wrong with that? Nothing. A decent launch title really.

PhoenixUp27d ago

How does this game’s comparison to Spider-Man neglect its reason for coming to PlayStation?

AsunaYuukiTheFlash27d ago

@Cmv38 SSO is mediocre at best. I rather have IG work on a new Resistance or Ratchet and Clank.

BlackIceJoe28d ago

I personally would prefer to see a new Resistance more. I never got the hype for Sunset Overdrive. It is a good game, but I'd take more Resistance and Spider-Man if given the choice instead.

Yi-Long27d ago

Sunset Overdrive did something original, and looked original (and spectacular)

The Resistance games were mostly met with a mediocre reception and was just another shooter in an already oversaturated genre ...

Abnor_Mal27d ago

Exactly what was so original in Sunset Overdrive?

Even if it "looked" original to you, i would say that it looked and played very similar to many of Insomniacs games, along with games by other developers. The game to me had a Ratchet and Clank feel to it, but the game play from what I've seen borrows from R&C with the bouncing on platforms and collection of items from fallen enemies. The zany weapons from Resistance, the wall running from Prince of Persia, they seem to run in the exact same way with one hand grazing the walls. The cable grinding from Infamous when on top, when on the bottom of the cable it copied from Bioshock Infinite as Booker would use a hook, same as in SO.

"The Resistane games were mostly met with a mediocre reception and was just another shooter in an already oversaturated genre..." Yet the Resistance series did get three games and not just one like Sunset. Microsoft did not even feel the game was good enough to warrant a sequel. That was a good decision on their part as some of the XBox fanboys celebrated getting a dev from Sony calling it a win. Then when it came time to actually buy the game, the sales were terrible. As much as people applauded and cheered to get an exclusive Insomniac game on their console of choice, they did not put their money where their mouths were, only paying in lip service.

Personally I don't really care if there is a sequel or not to the game, it is not needed. If anything just give the first away on PS Plus and if enough people download it and actually play it to completion and the community genuinely ask for a sequel, then fvck it and make it for them.

PhoenixUp27d ago

Resistance already ended on a great note narratively. It’d just be cruel and further depressing to say everything the characters sacrificed for in R3 meant nothing and the Chimera actually didn’t die out

BlackIceJoe27d ago

I think there is ways to make it so a sequel makes sense. If you remember Earth is now in a different galaxy, so that makes it very easy to bring the Cholera back, or a new villain.

I personally would have the game set years later, I can't remember if the series ended in the 50s or not, but let's say it did and have the game come out in 2022, but also take place in 2022. Having it take place years later allows mankind to have become very technology advanced, plus makes it so people forget what happened in the past.

For example you could have a parent talking to their children about the Chimera, but the kids not believing it really happened, even adults that were alive during the battle for Earth, might start not believing what really happened.

I hate to use an example of real life, but people today can't understand the horrors of WW2, they know about it, but they just can't picture it.

So making the sequel take place decades later allows for the world to have completely changed and would even be past the part were survivors still think the war could start back up.

So very interesting dynamics could take place if the game takes place 70 years later.

Fritzwochel26d ago

Resistance was really nice! Would love to see more from that universe. Sunset overdrive never gave me anything else than another game collecting dust in my shelf.

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