Insomniac : Maya and Motion Builder were a big help on Resistance 2.

Insomniac President Ted Price, and Studio Lead Chad Dezern discuss how Autodesk Maya and Motion Builder were a big help in the development of Resistance 2.

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Wildarmsjecht4460d ago

Maya is a great program to use. Personally love it more than 3DSMAX...stupid Max..

snakebite364460d ago

I agree, Maya is great. I just graduated from a 1 year college course, where I had to use Maya and a bunch of other programs, and it's amazing what you can do with Maya.

Marceles4460d ago

Yeah I like Maya and Lightwave

thor4460d ago

Does no one else here use Blender? Am I alone in my using of open-source software? :(

fezthabest4460d ago

I use Blender(used to), love that program. Its great what you can do with it it. I upgraded my blender render engine with Yafray, And man its beastly when it comes to light.

MAYA is pretty crazy too. But i think with MAYA you can do tons of stuff, way more options too.

SonyOwnsNextYear4459d ago

^^^ 120mhz tvs. own one?

problem fixed.

littlebigplanet with 120 mhz looks retarded

DJ4459d ago

And I hated it. Actually cheated on my final exam by importing my lightwave models into blender.

gololo4459d ago

Maya is great, sometimes I amaze myself with the things I create (i also use blender, i started using it when my Maya license expired...but now im back to Maya)

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Whoooop4460d ago

I love you insomniac, but please ditch current engine and develop a new one for R3.

thewho4460d ago

This one is gorgeous and with a lot of tweaking (a good few months of just working on the engine like Epic did with UT3 for Gears 2) they can make the game run pretty much flawlessly.

Whoooop4460d ago

Engine is not up for their vision anymore... They tried to go a bit more realistic with R2, but the engine wasn't enough to produce the environment textures needed and the lighting made it look a bit cartoonie sometimes.

They should ditch the engine or just leave it for R&C... Imagine R3 with KZ2's engine...

Danja4460d ago

I actually like the look and art direction in R2...the lighting was great probably a tad bit too colorful at times but there engine still has lots of life left in it..can you imagine how much improved the next R&C game will be..

and btw..Insomniac did help out in the creation of the KZ2 engine...appreciate R2 doe what it is..and stop trying to compare it with Gears 2

Whoooop4460d ago


wtf are you talking about??? Where in the hell I mentioned Gears.

I can appreciate R2 for what it is.. A huge scaled FPS with great pace and multiplayer components, but not as realistic as it could or they wanted it to be.

The engine is just outdated IMO for a FPS looking for a more realistic feel.

They clearly aimed at that with R2, but they fell short IMO due to the engine.

Like I said... Leave the engine for R&C and use or develop another for R3.

thor4460d ago

Whoooop whilst I agree to a certain extent that it is their engine, it is also the art style they have used. And a lot of the bad graphics are caused by either shoddy particle effects (design problem) or the fact that they've had so much to do so they haven't had time to polish it.

Whoooop4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )


Resistance's art direction is not the best, but art direction is a matter of taste.

However its art direction affects the look of it too, so yes in this case the art direction affects the game more than it helps it.

I also think that the scale of the game with no slowdowns whatsoever didn't permit them to polish it more. I can understand that, but IMO they should use a new engine just to give R3 that realistic feel they wanted to give R2.

Danja4460d ago

the Gears 2 comment wasn't directed at bad..

ne ways as Thor said it's the art style which they used , as rememeber they made this one year so you have to give them props 4 what they have accomplished.

SixTwoTwo4460d ago

I have to agree with Whoooop here. I hope that in R3 Insomniac will spend extra time with the graphics. Running through the redwood forest was jawdropping and so was looking up at the San Francisco sky but the rest of the game was graphically underwhelming IMO. After playing through Dead Space, Far Cry 2, and looking at Motorstorm 2, I found R2 to be disappointing graphically. Now having said that Insomniac nailed it with the gameplay and the multiplayer. The Co-Op and Competitive modes are just incredible. I for one would love to see some DLC Co-Op expansions somewhere in the future.

beavis4play4460d ago

he says insomniac NEVER shoots for the realistic look. don't know why you keep saying that is what they were trying to get with R2. cause it wasn't.

and as far as those saying R2 would look better with the KZ2 engine? really, what game wouldn't look better with that engine? gears 2, COD4.......ANY game would look better with it.

Sarcasm4460d ago

I personally think they should have just made the game 60 frames per second like Ratchet FTOD.

It would have gave a better illusion to people into thinking it has better graphics over Resistance 1.

What I mean is that they focused a lot on textures this time around. Don't believe me? Just pop in Resistance 1 or even Ratchet FTOD, and take a close up of the Hybrid in Resistance 2. They are very detailed and probably just as detailed as any Gears character.

The problem though, is that the game is in such a faster pace where those details people don't even care about. You kill kill kill and move on with the game. So those tiny details IMO is wasted on something most people don't even care about.

So if they would have made the game a solid 60fps, like COD4 or even COD:WaW it would give the impression of excellent graphics. And it going to 60fps would have definitely changed the feeling from Resistance 1 much more drastically.

Oh well what's done is done.

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Damphear4460d ago

if they make a R3 they SHOULD use a new engine that matches or is better than the killzone engine. this one was good but it reminded me of the UnReal engine and that isnt a good thing. the UNE is fail and needs to be dropped by all games. shiny graphix and sh!ty game play is not for me

Ap3theBad4460d ago

then you my friend need to pick up a copy of Resistance 2 and start playing that.

ThanatosDMC4460d ago

I'm confused... where did you get Unreal Engine from R2? Unreal Engine relies heavily on bloom effects and lots of map loading.

Sarcasm4460d ago

That's what I like about the engine for Killzone 2. It manages to have crazy amount of beautiful detail but have realistic lighting and not overly shiny textures.

SL1M DADDY4459d ago

Since when did the engine alone dictate the style of game play? Sorry bud but your statement seems a bit off kilter.

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pp4460d ago

Thats why it fails in the graphics.Should have gone for Unreal Engine.

DJ4459d ago

Maya is for modeling. Motion Builder is for...omg, i don't even want to teach you. LOL

Dumbass Alert!

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