Evidence Continues to Mount for Batman: Court of Owls Game

From tweets going all the way back to 2017 to leaked concept artwork, to a now deleted tweet from the creator of the Court of Owl series, here’s why all the signs point to a Batman: CoO’s game coming soon from WB Montreal.

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UltraNova29d ago

State of play announcement?

PaleMoonDeath29d ago

This!! exactly my thoughts Son Goku!

29d ago
lazyboyblue29d ago

As a fan of Origins, I'm totally cool with Warner making more Arkham games. As long as they never mess with the Rocksteady ending that is. Weve seen the beginning and the end but theres so much potential for storytelling in the middle. They just need to tread with care not to step on the small details Rocksteady established with the lore and side missions.
I hope it is Court of Owls. The comic books were epic.

GruntboxWizard29d ago

I actually can't even remember what happened at the end of Askham knight. I ruined the game for myself by going for the platinum. Might have to replay it.

lazyboyblue29d ago

Only game of the series I got the platinum on but I still go back and play from time to time.

jbull29d ago

Court of Owls is deadly enemy for a Batman game, assume next year release cross gen. Cant wait to fight the Talons.

Germ_the_Nobody29d ago

That's awesome. Origins is still my favorite game in the entire series.

Nodoze29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Being made by B studio. What is the A studio working on? THAT is the question.

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