10 Things Final Fantasy Does Better Than Other JRPGs Games

While Final Fantasy was not the first JRPG franchise, Square Enix's premiere franchise is arguably the most popular and - in some areas - the best.

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Juusterey30d ago

"the stuff"
Just saved you the time

awdevoftw30d ago

Getting people to overrate them? As much as I have love for their series, I have played better and more engaging RPGs that fall under the radar because of blind groupthink loyalty.

Juusterey30d ago

Not overrated
You just like them less

30d ago
bluefox75530d ago

Agreed. The FF series is seen as kind of the pinnacle of Jrpgs, but there are much better options out there as far as story, combat, world building, etc. Not bad mouthing FF, it's great, played and beat almost every game in the series, but I think people are doing themselves a disservice ignoring other games that maybe don't have the same popularity.

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