Review: Borderlands 3 Is a First-Person Shooter with No Point of View | Slant

The game is boorish, infantile, and violent, and, in refusing to take any sort of consistent stand, is wildly off the mark.

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27d ago
amazinglover27d ago

Not understanding what kind of stand your expecting it too make. This is what the borderlands series has always been about just a refinement of it.

rainslacker27d ago

Borderlands never took stands. Its narrative and jokes were meant to poke fun at the arguments used by those who take stands...typically those who take the extreme. For politically motivated subjects, they actually have the universe set in a time where acceptance of things that usually divide us as a society now are tolerated or not even a consideration.

If borderlands is doing any kind of stand, its through allegory about the inherent corruption of power, but I think they use that more as a story trope to give reason to have a bad guy than make a statement about big brother, or mega corporations controlling our life

Swiftfox27d ago

The game is wall to wall pop-culture references and memes, but it doesn't seem to strike people as clever. It has nothing to say about the meme's or the culture it exists in, they just pumped it full of those things because the "kids will recognize them". It comes off as "Not another FPS game: The Movie" A game like this could have had a lot of interesting things to say or even have been a parody if it tried, and some are disappointed it didn't. Not every game has to, but you have to admit more effort is appreciated. If you enjoy it, awesome. If you don't, that's awesome too.

rainslacker27d ago

Yeah, that's basically what it is. One of those things that satarizes pop culture.

A game like this could have a lot of interesting things to say, but that's not what the developer was going for, and based on the other games, it doesn't appear they want to take that route. They have a semi-serious story, which doesn't take itself too seriously. It's supposed to be fun, not an introspective look at society or culture.

Whether it's clever or not is subjective. I find some of the things funny, others I don't, or at least have no opinion on. The ones I find funny tend to be those that I recognize as a current topic making the rounds, which I may have been a part of, or had an opinion on. I've never felt they've been on the same side, or against the same side I've had on a given topic, because they just make the joke without judgement.

And humor can be like that. It may not be enough for some people to enjoy, or maybe they will only find stuff which makes a statement as funny, but I just take it for what it is, and find humor in it based on my own perception.

I think Tales from the Borderlands did this best with it's story, which had more agency with the player being part of the story, and it didn't take a stand on any given topic. Maybe the style of game allowed for a more direct humor allowing it to connect to the character, as opposed to the avatar being more a spectator to the world around them...which is basically what the regular games were....although The Pre-sequal did better in this regard. I can't speak for BL3 yet, but seems some journalist find the humor banal, while fans are either indifferent, or think it's fine. I know some will find it not that great, but I haven't heard any major complaints about it outside some articles which seem to want it to be more than it ever was.

SolidGamerX27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The point of view is to collect lots of loot and to shoot stuff with cool guns, seriously what the actual F is up with all these hate on Borderlands 3 articles, you'd swear the game was a Sony exclusive with all this bullshit clickbait. Clearly slantmagazine is staffed by a bunch of snowflakes who hate fun.

Gaming4Life198127d ago

Yea I'm not understanding the hate for this game.

rainslacker27d ago

I remember when BL2 was being marketed before release, and right after release, and I was reading the articles and wondering what people really saw in the game. Didn't know much about it, and just saw it as another FPS, and at the time, thought it was an online only game, which didn't interest me. The graphics style I really liked, but I don't care for FPS, and don't play MP games. Everyone was all excited for every bit of news, and reviews were good, and all these articles were saying how it was so awesome.

Fast forward, and now I've played BL2, and the TPS, and dabbled a bit in BL1, and I absolutely love it. It's not an online only game, game play is engaging and fun, the humor is light and the story doesn't take itself too seriously, but is good enough to be competent. It's not without it's flaws, but they're minor in the bigger picture.

Haven't played BL3 except for maybe a couple hours now(finishing up BL2 plat). But, for the life of me, the things that seem to be complained about in the press were the things they lauded almost a decade ago. The juvenile humor was there in BL2. The light fun story was there in BL2. The game play was engaging in BL2, and seems like the new one improves on it without being different.

The gaming press in general is nothing if not fickle, and its obvious at times like these that many journalists have political agendas attached to their reasoning when the only thing that's really changed in the past 8 years since BL2 came out, is that now it's cool to pretend one is enlightened by modern day sensibilities...which aren't even really that sensible. One can't just have fun with something and enjoy it for what it is, but have to find fault with something because these people are so deluded that they believe that culture or society as a whole has drastically changed in the past decade. It hasn't. For the most part, the only thing that's changed is that too many people are given attention for their rampant soap boxing when they don't really deserve it.

SolidGamerX27d ago

You deserve a thousand thumbs up for that last paragraph rain, you said it perfectly.

"now it's cool to pretend one is enlightened by modern day sensibilities"

Well said and not only blatantly apparent in gaming journalism but in journalism in general.

Knightofelemia27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I think someone is angry because Gamestop was sold out on the collector's edition of Borderlands 3 and the game might be too hard for them to play. The game great I am enjoying it, it's fun to co-op with friends, I like the fact that you can travel to other planets. I also like the fact they added some of the Tales from the Borderlands characters in the game. If you don't like the game then hook up your Xbox 360 with the Kinect and play Sesame Street TV that game should be easier to play.

Relientk7727d ago

Pointless Slant Magazine again, they don't even like games, have no idea how they are actually allowed to review them.

Move on

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