2 top-tier RPGs from Level-5 compete - Ni no Kuni vs. Ni no Kuni II

"When it comes to modern RPGs, few are as imaginative and enjoyable as the Ni no Kuni games so let's find out which one is superior." - Mary Billington from Video Chums

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VideoChums32d ago

Vote for either Ni no Kuni or Ni no Kuni II at the bottom of the article! 🎮😄

30d ago
stefd7530d ago

I am torn about getting Ni No Kuni or Dragon Quest XI for the switch

Tapani30d ago

I'd get Dragon Quest XI, but if you can, also buy Ni No Kuni. I just liked DQ overall much better for it's better story, length, customization, and overall vibe. I loved the music in XI, but it takes time to get used to.

stefd7530d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I have a big 12 hour flight so it's either one of those 2 or witcher 3

Tapani30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


Absolutely Dragon Quest XI. It's the better game. Starts actually slow, but that's great for a flight. Trust me, I've played all of the three games, and DQXI is the best of them. Witcher is OK, Ni No Kuni is OK, but DQXI is great.

And I've played all Witchers, all Ni No Kuni games, and all Dragon Quest games except for 10. My wife also has the same opinion, so that is pretty much the truth of how things are in the world as is.

RedDevils29d ago

D8 is better than 11 imo. I've spend more hours on it which explained why, same with Ni no Kuni better than 2 as well. Guess I just like original more lol

KeenBean34530d ago

I bought Kuni and it runs great so far but will also be picking up DQ11. If I had to choose one though would probably be DQ11 due to the insane amount of content you get in it

Fist4achin30d ago

Both. Good times from both and they are definitely worth it.

goldwyncq30d ago

How so? The second one has much more fleshed out characters, combat with way better AI, and a story that doesn't go off the rails by the end.

The first one had a better presentation and soundtrack though, I'll give you that.

RedDevils29d ago

Better gameplay in the 1st one, the 2nd introducing the building like dark cloud which is nice. But other than that, it has nothing that make me enjoy than the first.

InKnight7s30d ago

For the lore concept White Knight Chronicles is better, as for the whole I would pick Dark Cloud 2 any day any time.

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