PS5’s Zen 2 CPU Will Make for More Precise Simulations & Advanced Rendering,Says Lornsword Developer

“On current generation consoles the bottleneck is the CPU, most of the time, not the GPU,” says Lornsword developer Tower Five.

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AngelicIceDiamond28d ago

In case anyone's wondering. Indie devs are very much in the dark as we are right now. They might have bits and pieces of info that we might not have but in most cases they're in the dark. They won't get Scarlet or PS5 kits for a while. usually around when the console is officially announced maybe even few months prior depending on the indie team themselves. Even then some indies don't have the funds to purchase the kits so they attach themselves to either Sony or MS for funding and kits development. That's why you see so and so game is exclusive and they say nice things to Sony or MS. Eventually said game goes to multiple platforms. Point is these articles are pointless right now. They're just saying how this piece of tech effects us which is great but its not news because we already know it.

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THE-JAGON27d ago

their not talking about the ps5 or the divkit their talking about amds zen 2 cpus which has been out for months now !

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rainslacker27d ago

That's not entirely true. Hammered down specs arent available because they still arent finalized. Dev kits havent shipped out to indies, except maybe some select ones here or there. Big publishers or devs dont have complete finalized specs either, but all have been given targets as well as beta dev kits, along with preliminary documentation on how to use what it has to offer.

I dont think final specs are completely necessary to make the prediction made here. But it begs the question, why is gamingbolt asking what this dev thinks the next gen will bring, as opposed to asking what the dev will bring to next gen hardware? A dev can say what theyll do, they can say what something can do in theory, but they cant speak on behalf of the whole industry as if what they're saying is relevant.

As an example...the ps3 SPE processors could easily handle lots of complex physics calculations. But, in practice, it didnt achieve more than what we saw on any other set of hardware...even from sonys own first party.

Doesn't matter really what hardware can do...just what devs do with the hardware. Something sony learned last gen, when not many were that keen in utilizing what ps3 had to offer them

HentaiElmo27d ago

Ahhhahahahahahahahahahahaha another classic @angelicice comment next time she’s going to explain how Indy developers have GAMES on the system release date when they get them before the console announcement 🤣😂🤣

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isarai28d ago

I just REALLY REEEEAAAALY hope these new CPUs bring back a focus on physics and destruction.

HusbandAndWifeGaming27d ago

I would love a game that takes Mercenaries or Red Faction to a whole new level.

cannon880027d ago

I've been craving those games for so long.

Pickledpepper26d ago

Red faction 1+2 were and still are awesome games

Apocalypse Shadow27d ago

Same. Physics, weather and destruction. In and out of VR.

Sgt_Slaughter27d ago

Sh*t like this from Gamingbolt gets approved so easily yet actual news takes forever

frostypants27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Because GamingBolt games the system and N4G's mods won't do anything about it. This garbage isn't moving up organically. Look at this thread....look at how many people are making fun of it.

SolidGamerX26d ago

Maybe its all the people "making fun of it" that's causing it to move up.

nismo37027d ago

Says dev....

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The story is too old to be commented.