Nicalis delists Ittle Dew 2 from storefronts without permission after ignoring developer

From GameWatcher: "Ludosity, the developers of Ittle Dew 2, have recently entered a feud with Nicalis, the company that published Ittle Dew 2 on all console storefronts. Nicalis has been criticized over allegations of rampant racism and abuse, and Ludosity wanted to stop conducting business with them.

Though Ludosity contacted Nicalis 6 months ago, letting them know that they're canceling their license to publish Ittle Dew 2, Nicalis only responded a few weeks back, confirming an agreement to transfer the rights over to Ludosity. This never happened."

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xX1NORM1Xx26d ago

Guess they are just doubling down on being shitty...

ilikestuff26d ago

They’re trying their best, I think they turn things around and give us something good in the the future

awdevoftw26d ago

They delisted the titles. I'm guessing the devs can put the titles up themselves when they get the situation sorted out? I dont see the problem. The devs didnt want anything to do with nicalis, and now they are mad they delisted the games? If nicalis did the footwork to get all the titles on the digital storefronts, then I dont see why they couldn't delist them for the devs to put up.

porkChop26d ago

There's no reason to delist the games. It doesn't benefit Nicalis or the devs in any way. Nicalis agreed to transfer back the rights, so they should have just done that. Ignoring the devs for six months and delisting the games without permission is just petty.

awdevoftw26d ago

I mean, yes, inefficient, but do you realize how much legal and people go through these things? It's not like you can write on a napkin and say, you can sell this without us, even though we went through the hassle of negotiating terms and invested in marketing or whatnot. Could communication been better? Probably, but the dev goes to social media to complain instead of due diligence? I mean, the article says the rights to transfer were confirmed. If they aren't legally able to sell the game, they must delist it right?

25d ago