Gears 5 Learned from the Failures of Dead Space and Halo

Gears 5 has been a significant win for Microsoft. The game has been nearly universally hailed as a major step forward for the Gears of War series, but many of its bold new features are built on the bones of past failures. In fact, Gears 5 is an amalgam of lessons learned from two of modern gaming’s most divisive titles: Dead Space 3 and Halo 5: Guardians.

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Sciurus_vulgaris801d ago (Edited 801d ago )

Gears 5 has reviewed marginally better than Halo 5. Using the word “failures” plants an implication that Gears 5 was vastly better received than Halo 5, when currently it hasn’t been.

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Welshy800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

I'm not sure I'd admit building my game around 2 games considered to be the worst in their respective franchises. I'd rather avoid their design altogether than try to improve poor design.

Surely you would compare good aspects of Gears 5 to other games that were well recieved. It's risky to say "we designed similarly to bad games, but made them good this time".

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