Meet Sirfetch'd, A New Duck Pokemon That Makes No Logical Sense At All

Nintendo has unveiled Sirfetch'd, a leek-wielding duck exclusive to Pokemon Sword that looks really cool but completely defies any sense of logic.

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EddieNX 31d ago

The Galar region is based Britain, Sirfetchd is a Knight and an extremely cool looking evolution of Farfetchd .

What's illogical about that?

ABizzel130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The article states his size is illogical (like many other pokemon). He's 2'7 feet tall, but weighs 250 lbs, when his previous evolution was 2'7 33 lbs. The shield is made of leaves, the bird packed on maybe 20 lbs. of muscle, which means all the new weight comes from the giant leek, which should not weigh 200 lbs.

But again this is a pokemon game and we have a near 50' whale that weight less than 900 lbs (lol, 4 Sirfetch'd weight more than a 50' whale).

BrainSyphoned30d ago

When it evolved its feather could become a high grade steel mesh and his beak can be adamantine. For further fantasy illogical comparisons Marvels Juggernaut would be about 513lb around that height in comparison.