Link's Awakening isn't the only The Legend of Zelda Switch remake we need to see

Skyward Sword, Zelda 2, Four Swords Adventures, and more classics are poised to make a comeback as Zelda Switch remasters soon.

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HRoach61625d ago

I missed twilight princes and skyward sword when they originally released. Tried skyward sword later and couldn’t get past the controls. Would love a remaster even if both those.

Gaming4Life198125d ago

Exactly I really wanted to play skyward sword but after trying to use the Wii motion bs I just couldn't doit. I would like to see skyward sword, oot, a link to the past, and twilight princess remastered.

HRoach61622d ago

If you haven’t played it try a link between worlds. Some people missed it because it was on 3ds. But it’s a great old school feel top down Zelda.

amazinglover25d ago

How do you do an article on remakes/remasters and not mention Minish Cap. I don't even need it too be remade just release it on the E shop and ill be happy never bought it when it came to the WII U.