Metroidvania: It's Time We Give the Genre a Proper Name

Metroidvania is a term used to describe games similar to Metroid and Castlevania, however, it's about time to genre gets a proper name.

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isarai331d ago

Why is "Metroidvania" not a proper name?...

Seriously what is with people not liking this term? I just don't get it.

PhoenixUp331d ago

Because Castleroid is clearly the better term for these types of games

Welshy329d ago

I prefer the "non linear map exploration where sections are closed off until later in the game when you have the required level and or skill to open said areas" genre.

Rolls right off the tongue.

NapalmSanctuary329d ago

Ive had one of those before. They hurt like a son of a bitch.

330d ago
Nacho_Z330d ago

Platform Adventure is too vague and doesn't refer to the specific aspects of a Metroidvania like the non linear map and gradual unlocking of abilities to get access to new areas. It's just an informal term anyway and if someone is confused about it all they have to do is google it.

AK91329d ago

Nah it's fine as it is Game Journo