What Made Gears of War An Amazing Game?

Back in 2006, Microsoft and Epic Games took the industry by storm with a not-so-little game called Gears of War. Immediately upon release, it was met with widespread, unanimous acclaim, and immediately joined Halo in the upper echelons of Microsoft’s best first party franchises. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the original Gears of War one of the most influential games of the last couple of decades. Because Gears of War opened the floodgates for a veritable wave of cover shooters. Stop and pop shooting became the “in thing” in video games last generation, and Gears of War was the game to kick off that trend.

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annoyedgamer487d ago

Brothers in arms against all odds. Something that we don't get anymore.

UltraNova486d ago

Let me tell you what made the OG Gears special.

1) That amazing trailer(you all know what I'm talking about) that's exactly what you are describing, brother in arms...
2) MS's huge and relentless marketing push, of which I've never seen anything like that at the time.
3) It was a damn fine looking (the best looking game hands down when it was released) and an excellent 3rd person shooter that sucked you in.

4) Best couch coop of the time

5) It had the luck of being released at a time when its publisher believed in quality exclusives with both top notch campaigns and multiplayer.

Hell, I've went through two 360's (RRoD)for that game.

Those times...

AK91487d ago

CliffyB.................okay seriously though I have no idea I have always thought of this as a mediocre series and never really understood the hype or attention this series got.

King_Noctis486d ago

This series single handed brought cover-based shooter to mainstream games, so if nothing else the series is praised highly for that.

SyntheticForm486d ago

That's alright.

I've been that guy a few times. People swear by something and I'm thinking 'What do people see in this? I just don't get it.'

It doesn't mean you're wrong or dumb or anything - you just don't get it. Not for you.

nowitzki2004486d ago

You must have never played it.

NeoGamer232486d ago

For me, Gears is just different. It is gritty, the weapons are unique, there are lots of different weapons, the characters are interesting, and the game is just pure fun. Especially when taking out the lancer chainsaw!

SyntheticForm486d ago

The original Gears of War will always be special to me. The game's pacing and overall darker tone make it the unforgettable standout of the series to me.

The Kryll were terrifying for one. Needing to be the in light half the time along with the dark, gritty color palette and areas like that dark, dark, stormy factory area gave it a special horror element that none of its successors had.

That said, after playing the Ultimate Edition I decided that it really hadn't aged well and I think I just stopped playing it. Still, Gears of War 2006 is a masterpiece in my memory and I wish I could experience it for the first time again.

Germaximus486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Nothing. It's not an amazing game and never was.

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The story is too old to be commented.